Recently, Zhengzhou Shuangli Mineral Processing Co., Ltd. applied for the patent “New Hollow Ball for New Type Grinding Holes” and was granted a utility model patent after being examined by the State Intellectual Property Office. The company has obtained 7 national patents in recent years.

"Special hollow ball for grinding wheel" is a new generation of new grinding wheel material. It is used for the production of traditional resin pore grinding wheel. It uses ordinary naphthalene (ball) to make bad smell. It damages human health and corrodes equipment. , and developed a new type of grinding wheel pore-forming material. In the grinding wheel grinding process, its chip removal and heat dissipation are greatly improved, and the grinding sharpness of the grinding wheel is improved, and the service life of the grinding wheel is prolonged. The utility model has the advantages of simple process, uniform pore formation, stable and reliable performance, and improved stability and safety of the grinding wheel quality. It is widely used in the industry. According to preliminary statistics, the application of hollow spheres to diamond grinding wheels can increase the sharpness of grinding by 15% and reduce the production cost by 20%. The advantages of more significant grinding performance have effectively promoted technological advancement in the industry.

At present, domestically produced ceramic stomata grinding wheels mostly use walnut skin, wood chips, corn cobs and perlite as pore-forming materials. Since these are soft bodies, the pores are of different sizes and irregular shapes, during the grinding process. Poor chip removal ability, easy to block, affecting the grinding effect; the traditional resin wheel production uses chemical materials fine naphthalene powder (ball), in the production process, it also causes the smell inside the workshop is unpleasant, polluting the air, corroding equipment; harming the human body The pore density is not uniform, the chip removal is not smooth, the heat dissipation is not good, and the workpiece is easily burned; the rotation strength is limited, and the product quality is stabilized.

The new grinding wheel perforating material can be made according to different grinding objects and hardness. When selecting hollow balls with different diameters and matching with normal bonding agent to make the grinding wheel, the process is faster and more convenient. The larger the diameter of the hollow sphere, the higher the chip removal of the wheel, the higher the sharpness of the grinding wheel and the longer the service life.

Zirconium corundum produced by a unique process 25% (40%), granular sand, small crystal size, strong grinding ability, good toughness. Single particle compressive strength, small thermal expansion rate, high refractoriness, melting point above 1970 degrees, currently At the domestic leading level.

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