Push-type washing machine Push-type washing machine in the factory, cleaning, small areas of the application is still more, as for cleaning a large area, it would be necessary to use a driving type washing machine, and we use washing The machine is cleaned to save time and effort, but it also saves manpower and economy, and the cleaning effect is very good. The floor is clean and does not leave water stains. Then what should we do after the day-to-day cleaning work? Xiao Bian shares his experience with everyone.

1. First, wipe the surface of the hand-held scrubber with a towel, and then check whether the filter sponge is blocked by water or dirt. If any, remove the sponge, clean it, dry it, and put it in;

2. Then empty the sewage in the recovery tank and add clean water to clean it. If it is particularly dirty, it can be removed and cleaned;

3. Raise the brush plate and squeegee, and place the scrubber in a place free from flammable gases, liquids, chemicals, naked flames, dry, ventilated, and flat environments, and place or charge it;

4. If you stop using it for a long time, you should clean the waste water tank and the clean water tank and open the lid to dry. (Battery type washing machine removes the battery), and put the dust cloth on the push type washing machine. storage.

Special rebar splicing machine, which is different Common Rebar Cutting Machine. They're different from the machine structure, cutting range and so on.

In addition to all features of common rebar curring machine, it is an ideal cutting machine for processing qualified rebar parallel thread.

Special Rebar Cutting Machine also can be used to cut normal carbon steel rod, hot rod steel, deformed steel, flat steel, square steel, and angle steel in machine processing and construction projects.

The cutting head is round, straight, non-angular and flat without angle.

Rebar Cutting Machine(S)Special Rebar Cutting MachineSpecial Rebar Cutting Machine

Special Rebar Cutting Machine

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