The wet summer has just passed, and the fall is coming to us again. Because wood boards are not easy to return to the tide, paints and paints are easy to dry, so autumn is regarded as the golden season of decoration. However, dry weather can also cause problems in the decoration. The industry reminds consumers that the autumn decoration needs to be “anti-dehydration” and “anti-fire”.

Wood pre-treatment

In the autumn, the climate is dry, and after the wood is transported into the decoration site, it should be avoided to be placed in the vents, and the surface should be sealed as soon as possible. Because the wood is placed in the vents to be air-dried at this time, the moisture in the wood will be lost, causing the surface of the wood to crack and crack. In the autumn decoration process, the high-grade veneer such as eucalyptus should also be sealed to lock the moisture contained in it; for the wood wire used as the edge, the treatment method is the same, and special attention should be paid. Because the wood line is solid wood, the moisture content is higher than that of the veneer. If the moisture in the wood line is lost, the wood line will shrink and deform, which seriously affects the appearance of the veneer. In addition, in the maintenance of furniture, we must also pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, keep moist, often waxing, to prevent hard objects scratching and other issues.

Let the wallpaper "drink"

Wallpapers and wall coverings should be protected against water loss. Nowadays, the wall decoration of the family mostly uses paint or wallpaper, wall covering, and the application of wallpaper and wall covering is becoming more and more extensive. In the summer, because the air is humid, wallpapers and wall coverings are not very troublesome: after normal construction, open the doors and windows to make the walls dry quickly. Compared with the summer, you should pay more attention to the problem of wallpapering and wall coverings in autumn. First of all, due to the dry climate in autumn, it is necessary to first soak the water in the water before the paving, and then brush the plaster; after paving, you can't open the doors and windows like the summer to make the wall dry quickly. Let the freshly laid wallpaper be blown dry by the “winding through the wind”, thus losing water and deformation. Therefore, in the autumn, the wall of the wallpaper and the wall covering should be naturally dry.

Give your home a "moisturizing"

Due to seasonal changes, the air humidity is different, so the air will become drier during the transitional seasons of autumn and winter. At this time, the wooden floor shrinks easily, the gap between the board and the board increases, and the wall surface and the door frame have gaps due to different shrinkage rates. The moisturizing of the room can not only effectively alleviate the decoration problems caused by drying, but also have great benefits for human health. To keep the home environment moist, the general method is to put a basin of water in the house. If you want to be more beautiful, the designer suggests placing some green plants in the living room, such as spider plant, tigertail orchid, aloe vera, ivy, agave, which can release oxygen, absorb formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and also indoors. The dry and wet environment plays a certain role in regulation. In addition, the use of small appliances such as humidifiers can also adjust the indoor moisture content, so that the air is moist, making the feeling of living more comfortable. If you add a little perfume or air freshener to your humidifier, you will be filled with a warm and refreshing aroma.

Channel Steel

Channel steel mainly used for building structures, curtain wall engineering, machinery and equipment, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures, channel steel often used in combination with I-beam.

Packaging Details:With iron sheet in the both end of bundle. 

Delivery Detail:7-30 days after confirm the order

Grade: Q235/A36/SS400/S235JR


Usage: building construction

Tolerance: based on your requirement.

Color: Black

Channel Steel

Stainless Steel Channel,Stainless Steel C Channel,U Channel Steel,Hot Rolled Steel Channel