Doors and windows are one of the essential building materials in our home renovation. With the constant changes in people's needs, product functions are becoming more and more comprehensive. Fire safety doors are one of them. Today we have come to understand the fire prevention and security doors . related information.

What is a fire security door

Fireproof security door refers to the function of the door. In order to isolate the fire source in general shopping malls, there are fireproof security doors in the middle of many cargo spaces. Anti-theft refers to the security of the door and has an anti-theft feature, such as a metal roller shutter. In the event of a fire source, the fire door can prevent the fire source from expanding in time by closing the door. Fireproof doors have dual functions of fire prevention and anti-theft.

Fireproof security door standard

At present, there are only local standards for fireproof security doors in Shanghai and Chengdu. Fire prevention entrance doors in other places can only be called fireproof doors, which can reach Grade A or Class B fire doors in the national fire protection standard (filled with fireproof door cores or rock wool materials). Class A and Class B standards are generally divided by their resistance to combustion. At the same time in the following aspects to achieve flood prevention requirements: 1, door frame thickness 2.0, the front and back face plate thickness are 0.8.

2, the lock has a tamper-proof function, that is, the lock body has both oblique latch tongue, but also can emit a square lock tongue, but it is not allowed to install heaven and earth lock.

3, locks and cat's eyes must have a fire detection report, B fire entrance door can be installed door collar, Class A can not be installed.

4, the acceptance of the business must provide fire type approval certificate, fire detection report, metal entry door test report. Lock, cat's eye fire detection report.

5. The opening direction of the door leaf is the direction of rapid evacuation and cannot be opened. Fireproof anti-theft door according to the Chinese national standard GB12955-2008 fire door heating test results, if the insulation fire door test body meets the following (a) to (e) the conditions can be regarded as A species (with heat resistance) fire door regulations If it only meets the following conditions (A) to (V), it can be regarded as complying with the B type (non-thermal insulation) fire door regulations:

1. Insulation fire doors do not produce changes that are considered to be harmful to fire, such as deformation, destruction, detachment, and peeling.

2. Insulation fire doors do not produce flames that reach the non-heated surface of the test specimen and are not susceptible to cracks or holes in the fire.

3. Insulation fire door heat test In any part of the test specimen perimeter (door leaf), the reflex or deflection does not exceed half of the thickness of the door leaf.

4. Insulation fire door heating test The non-heating surface of the test body did not produce a combustion flame. 5. Insulation fire door heating test The maximum non-heating surface temperature of the test body does not exceed 960°C.

As for the fireproof security door , I will introduce it to you here. I hope to help you, and I would like to look forward to seeing more information on this site.

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