The friends are very happy that Xiaobian has met with you again. Now we will decorate with some screen partitions when decorating, not only can save space, but also have some styles. Xiaobian now tells you a copper art partition , copper art partition has A certain historical development, friends can have a good understanding, copper art partition also has a lot of advantages and characteristics, extremely important, Xiaobian introduced to everyone.


First, a brief description of the copper art partition

The copper art partition, a kind of furniture used for windshield inside the ancient buildings, the so-called "screen wind is also". As an important part of traditional furniture, copper art partitions have a long history. The copper screen is generally placed in a prominent position in the room, which serves to separate, beautify, wind, and coordinate. It is complemented by classical furniture, complementing each other and becoming an integral part of the home decoration, showing a harmonious beauty and tranquil beauty.

Second, the history of copper art partition development

1. The copper art partition appeared in the week of 3,000 years ago with the special instrument of the emperor as a symbol of the name and power. After continuous evolution, the copper art partition is used as a windproof, partitioning, and concealing function, and it has the effect of embellishing the environment and beautifying the space, so it has been passed down to the present and has been derived into various forms of expression.

2. Today's copper art partitions are mainly divided into screens, screens, hanging screens, table screens, etc. Among them, the copper art partitions can show the noble momentum and are the first choice for living rooms, halls, conference rooms and offices. It can be freely placed and moved according to the needs, and complements the indoor environment. It complements each other and becomes an inseparable whole of home decoration, showing a harmonious beauty and tranquil beauty.

3. In the past, the copper art partition mainly played the role of separating the space, but now it emphasizes the decorative side of the copper art partition, which not only needs to create the effect of “separation without separation” but also emphasizes its own artistic effect. It combines practicality and appreciation into one. It has both practical value and a new aesthetic connotation for the copper art partition. It is definitely a handicraft product with great national traditional characteristics.

Third, copper art partition features

It is about the aluminum sheet, the fluorocarbon coating board, the copper-plastic board, the special-shaped cutting, the special-shaped cutting, the carving, the embossing, the slotting, the scribing, etc., the light rail subway, the light aircraft, the heavy machinery. The logo manufacturing, spare parts production, and the development of professional CNC cutting and engraving equipment. About the production of shaped parts is 2-3 times that of Japan imported CNC turret punching machine.

Fourth, the advantages of copper art partition

1. The copper partition of the living room can be divided into two types: vertical type and multi-folded type. The expression forms are transparent, translucent, closed and hollow. For spacing, it is generally closed, and the height is slightly above the horizontal line of sight of the person. For the corners, you can use the hollow type, which is lively and lively. If it is used to obscure the sight of the past, it is best to make the screen 90 degrees right angle.

2, the more popular living room copper partition materials are wooden, fabric, enamel, wrought iron, rattan, bamboo, etc., some partitioned dragon painting phoenix, heavy texture, placed in the hall naturally has a majestic atmosphere . Some of the gauze looming, with the frame of the log, let the hotel a touch of tenderness.

Five, copper art partition use

1, play a role in the partition. Not only can it be placed at the entrance, but it can also be placed in a suitable position in the room, dividing the room into two separate spaces, so that the living room people can not interfere with each other, each has a quiet atmosphere, at the same time Its placement can also play a role in shielding. For places where scattered debris is piled up in the house, the partition can play a role in shading.

2, copper art partitions such as for spacing, generally closed screen is better, the height should not be lower than the line of sight; partitions such as for book corners, you can use hollow screens, which can be lively and lively.

3, copper art partition to play the role of the locker room. Some clothes can be hung on the screen, and a partition can be placed at the entrance of the living room. It can be used for hanging raincoats and clothing, and can block the outside sight, so as to avoid unobstructed embarrassment.

4, to play the role of beautifying the living room. In front of the screen side, a potted green leaf ornamental plant can be used to make the hotel feel calm and warm. For decorative and landscaping, you can choose transparent or translucent partitions, which will give you a sense of elegance and quietness.


Our friends have learned some about the copper art partition through the history of the copper art partition in the article. We also know that some of our advantages and uses of this copper art partition are very good, and it is any kind of partition. Can not form a body, then everyone understands the copper art partition, we still want other decorative information, pay attention to the decoration home network.

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