Now everyone's economic strength is not very tight, so I think a lot of ways to improve the quality of our lives, such as the new sun room building, when the cold can gather the heat of the sun, let us not feel cold, raise some in it Flowers and plants are a good choice, but in the summer we must pay attention to heat insulation, or not to achieve the effect of warm winter and cool summer, then what is better insulation, sun room canopy curtain how is it? The decoration home network will bring you a detailed introduction.


First, what is the sun room canopy curtain

1. The ceiling curtain is mainly divided into indoor and outdoor. The advantage of the indoor ceiling curtain is that in addition to the function of shading and heat insulation, it also has a certain decorative effect.

2, the advantage of the outdoor ceiling curtain is that the insulation effect is better than the indoor sunshade, because before the ultraviolet light is irradiated to the glass, it is blocked by the ceiling curtain, which greatly reduces the heat in the sunlight room. The disadvantage is due to the outdoor life, and The operation is subject to certain restrictions.

3, ceiling curtains are divided into manual and electric two, indoor, if the area is small, you can use manual, and outdoor is best to operate by remote control.

Second, the advantages of electric sun room canopy curtain

1. In the Spring and Autumn Period, sometimes heating is required, and sometimes cooling is required. In the same summer, the outdoor temperature increases, the indoor light increases, the temperature increases, and the air conditioner or window cloth has to be turned over. Therefore, the demand is sensitive to the use of a leading system. Adjustable shading allows the user to select the shade level of the demand.

2, the use of remote control electric sunshade soft curtain, summer soft sun shade soft curtain can be used to block the sun radiant energy, reduce air conditioning heat load, winter sunshade soft curtain can also fully absorb solar radiation energy, reduce heating load, and then save energy The effect of reducing consumption.

3, now a low-cost, technology-leading glass can handle these troubles. When the temperature of the glass increases, the brightness of the room will remain unchanged due to the decrease of the infrared transmittance; and when the outdoor temperature drops, the infrared transmittance will increase, so that the temperature inside the room does not change greatly. Because smart glass controls indoor temperature and brightness, it can reduce the frequency and intensity of air conditioning.


Third, other insulation methods of the sun room

1. Install a glass insulation film. The heat-insulating film is coated with a layer of dark-colored reflective material to reflect sunlight and achieve thermal insulation. By attaching the heat-insulating film to the glass, the letter energy of the glass can be improved, the permeability of the glass can be lowered, and the sunlight can be reflected out to realize the heat insulation function.

2. Open a skylight properly. When building a sun room, you can reserve a movable skylight on the roof, conditional, larger sun room, or open some windows around. When the sun shines on the sun room to generate heat, you can let the heat out by opening the skylights and windows, thus reducing the temperature in the sun room.

3. Use low-emission coated glass to build a sun room. Before building a sun room, you can directly select some construction materials with thermal insulation, such as low-emission coated glass. The glass is directly coated with a film that directly reflects the sunlight and ensures indoor lighting.

Although today I mainly introduce the relevant knowledge of the sun room canopy curtain, but it is not that only this way is insulated. I believe everyone should understand this in the final introduction, but it is still electric. The ceiling curtain is better. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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