Tatami is a very popular decoration nowadays. Everyone wants to settle in their home when we decorate. Because of the lack of understanding of the decoration, everyone knows how to proceed with the renovation. So everyone knows what a tatami bed is? Many people are thinking about how to do it. Today, Xiaobian will come with Da to see what is the tatami bed and tatami bed decoration skills!


What is a tatami bed?

1. To put it simply, the bed that the Japanese sleep on the ground as seen in TV dramas or movies is the tatami bed in the basic sense. To be precise, the tatami bed is made of woven grass, which is paved all year round. A piece of furniture that sits or lies on the ground, formerly known as a "stacked bed."

2. The space under the tatami can be used as a storage space. Pay attention to the bearing capacity of the panel when designing. A solid wood panel is very good as a face.

3, the tatami bed is made by connecting a piece of tatami with a cloth strip, and then fixing it on the floor, the person walks barefoot on the top, flat and not slippery, clean and comfortable, not cold in winter, not hot in summer. It has the characteristics of easy to split, easy to move, soft and suitable, and natural and environmentally friendly.

4, now loved by many friends, flexible style with the advantages of casual and easy to take care of the tatami bed has a great advantage, there are many friends who will use the tatami bed. 5

5, the tatami bed can be disassembled, if the map is fast, then the platform on the ground, after the fun period (2-3 years or so) can be removed, does not affect the overall house.


Tatami bed decoration tips

1, the choice of tatami decoration wall color should be relatively bright color, which can give people a spacious and bright visual effect. The choice of the color of the small apartment is relatively difficult, because the space has certain limitations, so when the room is tatami decoration, we do not recommend the choice of lightness and purity, which is easy to give a visual The sensation of squeezing is generally better than the gray tone with low brightness and purity.

2, especially the tatami decoration of the small bedroom, because the space is low, the area is small, if the room tatami decoration choice is complicated, especially the ceiling of the ceiling, it is easy to cause the space to suppress and strong sense.

3, the small bedroom tatami decoration space is very narrow, and some owners in the room tatami decoration in order to highlight the sense of the interior of the room, often with different materials or colors to separate the space of the space, even the ceiling is also matched with it, counterproductive In fact, this will only cause visual confusion, and even make the narrow space seem more crowded.

4, hard material partition long obstructs people's sight, especially for small bedroom tatami decoration, so the choice of hard material partition should be careful, the designer recommends glass partition is the best choice for small apartment .

The tatami bed is the best choice when we decorate the house, and it is important to learn how to decorate. The above is what Xiaobian introduced to you today is the tatami bed and tatami bed decoration skills to end here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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