The overall feeling of the wooden staircase is very atmospheric, characterized by luxurious style and strong decorative. The main material of the solid wood staircase is oak, beech, huanghuali, etc. It is durable and not easily out of date. The wooden staircase gives people a feeling of cultural precipitation. Coupled with the multi-functional design that caters to modern people, it is very popular with people who are pursuing fashion and taste. Next, Xiao Bian will introduce you to the wood staircase installation precautions.

1. Stairs

The height and width of a stairway are determined by the length of a person's leg and the length of a person's leg. The average step length for an adult when walking is 60-62 cm. The width of the step should be less than 24 cm, and the initial steps of the stairs can be 2-5 cm wide. The step height is usually not more than 7.5cm. The step height of the residential building should be less than 20cm. It cannot exceed this height. The step height error cannot be more than 1cm.

2, the slope of the stairs

The common gradient of indoor stairs is 20 to 45 degrees, and the optimal slope is about 30 degrees. This is determined by the width and height of the step.

3, stairway width

Normally a single-passage ladder should not be less than 80 cm in general, a double-passage ladder is l00-120 cm, and a three-person ladder is usually 150-180 cm. It should be noted that when the width of the bench is greater than 180 centimeters, it is usually advised to set the armrest against the wall.

4. Handling of handrails and columns

The starting and ending steps extended by the stair armrests should not be less than l5 cm in order to ensure the safety of walking. The distance between the poles of the general platform should be half of the step width, and the distance between the handrail pillars should be between 80 and 120 cm. The diameter of the circular cross-section of the handrail should be between 4 and 6 centimeters, and the optimal distance is 4.5 centimeters. The top width of other cross-sectional shapes should not exceed 7.5 centimeters. The minimum cross-sectional diameter of the wooden handrail should be 5 cm. The cross-section of the metal armrest should be between 3.2 and 4 cm. The net distance between the handrail and the wall should be more than 4 cm and the minimum should not be less than 3.5 cm.

5, the height of the stair handrail

Usually the height of the stair handrail should be 90 cm, and the handrail height of the stair platform should be around 90-110 cm.

6, the staircase's walking line

If the width of the bench is less than 110 cm, the walking line should coincide with the midline of the ladder. When the width of the bench is greater than 1100 cm, the walking line should be located 55 cm inside the line. The curved staircase is located on the outside of the middle distance.

7, the safety of solid wood stairs

Should pay attention to the installation location and structure, the details must be reasonable. To see if the column is too short, which leads to the protection of the railing, usually the height of the column should be between 82 and 95 centimeters; how the bottom beam of the staircase is made, how heavy it is, do not only Pay attention to appearance; what kind of stairs is suitable for single bottom beam or double bottom beam; what kind of wall is in the house, try to choose atmosphere, support columns, simple stairs.

8, pay attention to the convenience of the stairs

First of all, the stairs should conform to the principle of convenient access, smooth up and down, and comfortable space. Second, to see how large the space in the room is, it is appropriate to use L-shaped, arc-shaped, u-shaped, straight, s-shaped, or rotating stairs to determine the placement of the supporting columns.

9, pay attention to the quality of the stairs

Look at what kind of wood species the stairs are using and how adaptable this species is to the local area. Because of the climate, usually valuable wood species are from South America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. The wood species grown in these regions are easy to dry, have strong local adaptability, and have better quality and color. In addition, it is more important to look at how the factory's wood drying technology is, because only the wood that can be dried in place can be regarded as a really good wood. The stairs made of this kind of wood are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Paint, color is also good.

Editor's summary: What are the notes on the installation of wooden staircases are introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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