Curtains are part of the modern home decoration industry. Not only do they need to consider the material and color matching, but also the installation quality. Traditional fabric curtains have certain steps and processes during the installation process. Only the various steps of the installation are properly carried out. After the treatment, the installation quality of the curtains can be guaranteed. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the installation steps and processes of the traditional curtains!

The traditional curtain installation steps and processes are mainly:

1. First, the wall bracket for the fixed rail is locked at a position about 2 inches from both ends of the rail.

2. Lock the mounting bracket at the top corner of the window, preferably at a position approximately 1 inch above the upper edge of the window frame.

3. Since the current track assembly kit will adopt a telescopic design, after pulling out the appropriate length, grab the level and lock the other end.

4. Insert the S-type curtain hook into the fold on the preset of the curtain fabric; the left and right sides of the curtain fabric have left and right settings, and the curtain intersection will reserve 1 inch boundary, and the curtain will be reserved 2 inches on both sides.

5. Starting from the junction of the curtains to the outside; usually the pylons in the middle position are set to the front and rear design that allows the curtains to overlap.

6. When hanging the last hook, no matter how many pylons remain, you must skip it and install the pylons on both sides of the track.

7. The position of the curtain cloth storage hook is usually set at 2/3 of the curtain from top to bottom.

8. After measuring the distance, stick the curtain cloth storage hook.

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Label: What are the traditional curtain installation steps?

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