In many commodities, the overall packaging is emphasized, and real estate developers have gradually changed their sales methods. How to build a boutique model house has become an important consideration for real estate developers. The characteristics of Chinese-style decoration model houses are characterized by cultural heritage and spatial level. , pay attention to the main line. The soft-pack design of the model house is not only a vase display for real estate, but also reflects the style and culture of the real estate. Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the 118 square meters of decoration model room and the decoration points!


Note on the 118 square meter decoration model room:

First, the ground must be dry and flat

During the process of fixing the ridge, the firmness and flatness of the ridge should be checked in time to avoid affecting the installation of the floor. Usually the direction of the floor length is determined by the direction of the room in the soft design or along the light.

Second, choose the tile first depends on whether the production process is excellent

Before buying, check the product box for the name of the factory, the site, and the product name, specifications, grade, quantity, trademark, date of manufacture, and standards implemented. At present, there are many varieties of ceramic tiles, and the quality of ceramic tiles can be tested by the diagnostic method of "looking, listening, cutting, and water".

Third, the water pipe selection

The water pipe is a concealed project in the soft-pack design. It is very troublesome to repair. The water pipe for home decoration should be avoided from the ground. It is best to use the top or wall. The pipe usage may increase slightly, but it is beneficial to the future. Pipeline repair.

Fourth, the choice of wood products

For wood products, whether it is brush varnish or brush nitrocellulose paint, remember not to brush in the rain. Before the paint is painted, the wall surface is kept dry, firm and clean. The color of the paint works is correct, uniform, bright and smooth, and there are no tears, too thick, transparent, foaming and so on.

118 square meters decoration model room points:

1, simple shape

The size of a small apartment is limited and cannot be fully utilized. If you use a complicated design, the material you need will be large, and it will be a bit empty when you put it in space. Moreover, the essence of the Chinese style is to be simple and simple. When choosing furniture and lamps, you need to choose a moderate shape so that it does not conflict with smaller spaces.

2, the layout is reasonable

Because of the lack of space, it is necessary to make the layout design more reasonable when designing. You can reserve enough space for people to move, and it will not cause a feeling of narrowness and smallness. It is still a living room.


3, the color selection is dark

In the spatial visual rendering effect, different colors will have different feelings on people's vision. Over-bright colors will make people see the whole space become smaller. Therefore, if you want to make a small-sized Chinese decoration, you should choose a darker color. Department of color, this will need to be in the paint color chosen.

4. Use light to create focus

A beam of light in the space allows the focus of the entire space to be absorbed, and the small space is small. You can also use this method, so that people can concentrate on the light, and invisibly enlarge other spaces.

In addition to paying attention to the beauty of the model house, the buyer is more concerned about the quality of the model house. The model house is a face of the real estate. Its good or bad directly affects the sales of the real estate. In fact, the model house is a package of the commodity house. The above is small. The 118 square meters of decoration model room and the decoration points that we introduced today are all over here. For more information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home.

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