Wall tiles are an indispensable decoration material for our interior decoration. Because paving the wall tiles is a technical task, we must find out how to lay out the wall tiles. How can we spread the wall tiles? What are the notes on wall tiles ? Let's learn about them together with Xiaobian!

First, what are the notes on wall tiles?

1, before the wall tile, the need to see the grade when buying, the tile color and the sample is not the same, if confirmed, try to sign the construction responsible person, or immediately notify the tile vendors.

2. If the wall is a putty wall that has not been treated, it must be removed first. Wall tiles must not have less than a third of a brick.

3. Usually when paving high-grade wall tiles, it must require the use of cement mortar to make the floor, while the wall surface must be napped, and then use a special wall tile paste for paving. This kind of construction method has high costs and the average family Decoration is not recommended.

4. When using paving, the quality of the wall tiles is required to be high to prevent the purchase of inferior wall tiles. Poor quality wall tiles can cause defects, wall tile irregularities, etc. The choice of wall tiles should be measured by the important criteria such as the flatness, verticality, and finish of the wall tiles.

Second, how to stick the wall tiles

1, clearly need to paste the height and size of the wall tiles, as well as paving methods. Because of different wall tiles and different paving methods, the effect of paving is also different. Therefore, you must make some understanding of these before you apply the wall tiles.

2. Afterwards, the well-proportioned paving of the wall tiles and the closing of the edges. According to the same room, it must be tiled in a horizontal or vertical direction. Half bricks should not exceed one line, and half bricks should be kept in the way of pre-arrangement on the side of furniture or inconspicuous places.

4, after planning well, you need to do vertical and horizontal pull the baseline, only to do a good baseline, in order to put the room wall tiles look good.

5, need to see whether the baseline of the room has a composite standard, when the inspection can be measured along the intersection point of 1.6 meters or 1.2 meters, and then measure the distance between the two points, if the distance between them is 2.0 meters, then To prove that the baseline is vertical, we can then tiling.

Summary: The above is attached to the wall and precautions which describes how Paving details of the wall, I hope we can make understanding, focusing on paving the wall, so that the wall decoration more beautiful. For more information about the relevant, please continue to pay attention to this site information.

Wall tiles attention

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