In the modern home improvement process, inevitably, decoration paints are used, which can improve indoor decoration pollution. The dazzling array of products on the market is dazzling. Everyone knows a lot about paint, and today I introduce a paint— tempered paint . Many consumers will have doubts about it, so tough paint is harmful to the body? How to use tempered paint? What kind of tempered paint? What are the advantages and disadvantages of tempered paint? Do not worry, I will answer for you one by one. ,hope that it can help us.

Tempered paint types

Tempered paint, composite building paint made of silica sol + acrylic emulsion, is widely used, the paint film contains two kinds of substances: silica sol and acrylic emulsion, and it has very good performance. It is confirmed by consumers because of its decorative effect. It is understood that: With a high degree of finish, the room decorated with it is particularly elegant, and the handle is very delicate, in addition, with anti-corrosion, noise reduction and other functions, is an ideal decorative material.

Advantages and disadvantages of tempered coatings

The tempering coating is very rich, the film hardness is high, it overcomes the characteristics of easy fouling, easy cracking, etc. If the wall is dirty, it can be wiped with a wet towel, will not immerse the water in the wall, bring convenience for cleaning, and the service life is long. There will be no cracking; but there are also certain drawbacks, that is, the price is too expensive, and the middle and low-end consumer groups have never used such paint.

After being tested, the tempered coating shows that it is a healthy coating that will not cause any harm to people's health after long-term use, and it can also prevent UV rays.

Is the tempering coating harmful to the body?

1, non-toxic, non-polluting, will not harm human health, cancel the traditional coatings, such as: solvent-based coatings, polyurethane coatings, etc., contains a large number of toxic substances - formaldehyde, benzene and so on.

2, has a variety of functions, such as: pest control, radiation protection, sound and flame retardant.

3, the more reasonable performance, such as: finish, moisture permeability, heat resistance, frost resistance and so on.

4, the service life of up to 15 years to 20 years, far longer than the traditional coating life of about 5 years.

Tempered paint removal method

All shovel off, brush with paint thinner, after the use of tools to eradicate until the cement layer, roll back glue, putty paint, and then use sandpaper, flat, you can paint directly.

Tempered paint removal tips

1, construction temperature 0-35 °C, base surface temperature not less than 5 °C.

2, the material storage should pay attention to moisture, waterproof, prevent direct sunlight.

3, the same gloss, do not allow sag, missing paint.

4, the amount of each ingredient should not be too much, so as not to stand for a long time, resulting in curing.

5, the use of special supporting materials, water, banana water, alcohol, gasoline and so on.

6, in the humidity of 85% or less, the temperature of 0-35 °C is appropriate, do not under the following conditions: rain, snow, fog, frost, high wind, or relative humidity above 85%.

7. After 7 days at room temperature, the coating can be completely cured after 7 days. It is recommended not to use it in advance.

Editor's summary: Now everyone has a basic understanding of the types and advantages and disadvantages of tempered coatings. Everyone can choose the right decoration coating according to their own needs when they are decorating the house. Decoration paint on the market is more, we can also buy with confidence, it is best to choose the brand's products.

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