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Ways to improve the reliability of 7215 bearings (3)

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-04-25

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The purpose of preloading the bearing is to add the rigidity of the bearing to position the rotating shaft in the axial and radial directions; to improve the rotation accuracy of the shaft, reduce the oscillation and noise of the bearing part, and avoid the rotation and revolution of the rolling body. Increase the internal load area of ​​the bearing; improve the rationality of the internal load distribution of the bearing, and compensate for the internal clearance change of the bearing formed by the wear. Reasonable pre-tightening can avoid the damage of the vibrating line and reduce the conflict wear and extend the bearing life.
However, the pre-tightening deformation is too large; the conflicting torque will increase during bearing operation; the overheating of the bearing and the service life will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate pre-tightening deformation according to the load condition and the application demand; Pre-tightening deformation.
The pre-tightening deformation of the bearing in the four conditions of working condition, equipment condition, natural condition and production condition is different. The working condition temperature increases the pre-tightening deformation amount; the equipment condition hole and the shaft interference The amount also increases the amount of pre-tightening deformation; therefore, the pre-tightening deformation of the bearing in the production condition is smaller than the pre-tightening deformation amount in the working condition; the small amount is based on the temperature at the working condition and the public service of the equipment hole and the shaft. Resolutions. We have worked through practical equipment and experiments; we have determined the most suitable pre-tightening deformation.
4 Bearings in the special requirements of the equipment process The operation of the equipment is not proper; it is an important hazard for the early damage of the bearing. We also put forward special requirements in the bearing equipment process:
4.1 It is not allowed to use the tapping equipment bearing; it is necessary to use the pressing method equipment bearing.
4. 2 It is necessary to use the special tooling bearing depicted by the press method.
3.4 When pressing into the bearing outer ring; it is necessary to level the hole under the bearing hole of the pump wheel; avoid the internal injury of the root of the hole when the pressure is applied.
4. 4 before pressing into the inner ferrule; the gap between the single positioning locating cover and the bearing end face reaches the installation process requirements; as shown in Figure 3.
4. 5 It is necessary to use guiding equipment when pressing into the inner ferrule; to avoid pressure loss and form shaft surface damage.
4.6 The two bolts of the inner ring pressure plate need to be tightened after the bolts of the pump wheel and the pump wheel plate are tightened.
4.7 When the equipment is good, the pump wheel is changed without abnormal collision feeling; when the output shaft is changed; it can be a little pre-tensioned linkage feeling; it cannot be killed with the output shaft.
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