>>>The most simple calculation method for using wallpaper area

The wallpaper is like a dress on a home wall, so that the entire home is full of lively expression. Regular wallpaper with a small pattern can provide the living room with a background that is neither exaggerated nor too bland. Your favorite furniture will fully reveal its features before this background.

Wallpaper trend:

● Small florals and big flower clusters are still the theme of this year. Especially single flowers are more decorative and they pay more attention to the overall effect. Light gray, blue, brown, dark red and other colors are more popular. Because the colors are soft and the patterns are beautiful, this series of wallpapers is suitable for use in every corner of the room wall. The color is slightly more suitable for the background wall, and the lighter colors are suitable for the entire wall. It is worth noting that if the wall is a flower, it is best to choose a simple, simple color furniture.

● Hand-painted style wallpaper has been the protagonist of the past two years. The theme is generally beautiful flowers, revealing a feeling of closeness to nature. This year, wallpapers in hand-painted style have sublimated the natural theme. There are small scenes such as forests and ponds. The pictures have a certain storytelling. They depict the birds on the morning of spring in the bushes; the frog fish is playing in the pond or the beasts are haunted. Jungle in the autumn afternoon and so on.

● The design and modernity of the matt type wallpaper is very strong, it is easy to dress up the room cool and expensive, whether it is a local use or a large area of ​​the paving effect is good. However, some of the wallpapers in this series are relatively dark in color, and they absorb the light in the room. Therefore, rooms with poor lighting should not be used excessively.

● Wallpapers with gold or gold strokes were once very popular and now it seems that they have fallen behind. Although nobility is still a popular theme, its appearance has become more restrained. This is reflected in the creation of the atmosphere, which is mainly reflected in the contrast between the background and the local luxury. In particular, some ingenious materials such as small glass beads and shiny ornaments are eye-catching and are no longer bare metal. Dominate the world.

Wallpaper selection

The wallpaper purchase mainly considers the decorative, namely the color, pattern of the wallpaper, and the material of the wallpaper.

● Bright colors and bright colors have an activating effect on people's emotions. They are suitable for use in restaurants and living rooms. Cool and low-bright colors can make people concentrate and have emotional stability. They are suitable for use in bedrooms and study rooms. Warm colors reminiscent of the sun and fire, feeling warm and unrestrained; cold colors reminiscent of the sea, the blue sky and the forest, giving people a sense of tranquility and ease.

● The pattern stripe-shaped wallpaper has various characteristics such as durability, classicality, modernity and tradition, and it is very easy to match with other patterns. There are many designs for this type of pattern, so you must choose the pattern that fits your room size. Because the long pattern design has the effect of guiding the line of sight upwards, it creates an illusion of the height of the room and is ideal for use in shorter rooms. In the wallpaper showroom, bright and dazzling patterns and flowers are the most eye-catching. This kind of wallpaper can reduce the restraint of the room and is suitable for rooms with a more bland pattern.

● Healthy consumers should also consider whether it is safe and healthy when purchasing wallpaper. Wallpaper pollution mainly comes from the following two aspects: First, the wallpaper itself releases volatile organic compounds such as toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde. The second is the pollution caused by wallpaper adhesives. Adhesives are mainly divided into organic solvent type and water based type. In order to make it have better permeability, manufacturers often use large amounts of volatile organic solvents in production. Therefore, the adhesive may release formaldehyde, benzene, vinyl chloride, etc. during the curing period.

Wallpaper maintenance

● Paving before wallpaper, wall cloth should be selected relative humidity of 85% or less, the temperature should not have drastic changes, we must avoid in the wet season and in the wet wall construction.

For the wallpaper to be beautiful and durable, and not easy to foam, the treatment of the wall before construction is very important.

Prepare the wallpaper wall to be smooth and free from dirt and dust.

Before paving the wallpaper, we recommend that you first apply a layer of polyester paint on the wall to prevent moisture and mildew.

Adhesive liquid that overflows when pasting wallpaper or wall coverings should be cleaned with a clean towel at any time. In particular, the glue marks on the joints should be handled cleanly.

Workers are required to keep their hands and tools clean. If they are stained, they should be cleaned with soapy water or detergent.

● Open the doors and windows during the day and maintain ventilation. In the evening, close the doors and windows to prevent moisture from entering, and at the same time, prevent the wallpaper that has just been attached to the wall from being loosened by the wind, thus affecting the firmness of the paste.

Regularly clean the wallpaper and wall cloths with vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to changing the vacuum cleaner to suck the head.

Daily erasure of special stains should be promptly erased. Water-resistant wallpapers such as the holy water wallpaper can be scrubbed with water. After washing, they can be dry with a dry towel. For water-resistant wall cloths such as Haijibu wall cloths, wipe them with an eraser or towel, or use a towel. Remove some of the liquid and wring it gently.

Usually pay attention to prevent hard objects from hitting, rubbing wallpapers and wall coverings.

If there are cracks in some places, subsidies should be given in time and they must not be allowed to develop.

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