Nowadays, there are many kinds of decoration materials on the market, and there are already hundreds of kinds of wall decoration materials, which are an indispensable part of building decoration materials. The choice of wall decoration materials is different, and the effect of decoration is also different. Today, Xiao Bian will introduce to you the commonly used wall decoration materials and how to buy wall decoration materials.

First, wall decoration materials coatings

1, latex paint

Latex interior wall coatings are high-grade products. Good latex paint layers have excellent waterproof and anti-washing properties. Even if the coating is damp, it will not peel off.

2, water-soluble paint

This type of paint is a low-grade product, and its disadvantages are many, such as: not water, not alkali, the coating is easy to fall after hitting the water, water-soluble paint is inexpensive, non-toxic, odorless, easy construction, mostly Middle and low room or temporary room interior wall decoration selection.

3, colorful paint

Colorful coatings are the coatings that are favored in the market. Nitrocellulose is an important material for coating formation. A single spray can form a variety of color patterns.

Second, wall decoration material veneer

1. Facing tile or board material

Common decorative tiles include porcelain tiles, mosaics, and glass mosaics. Has a unique fresh and beautiful decorative effect, and hygienic and easy to clean. In the home decoration is often used in the kitchen, bathroom wall.

2, wallpaper wall material

The wallpaper wall covering has a special effect created by a combination of rich patterns, colorful colors, and soft textures. It has been decorated with space and beautified the environment. The base materials for these wallpapers and wall coverings are all-plastic, cloth-based, glass fiber base, etc. The main functions are heat insulation, anti-bacterial, arson, mildew-proof and water-resistant decorative effects.

Third, the new wall decoration materials

1, glazed tiles: Common glazed tiles rich in color, available to consumers to choose. The glazed tile is colorful, smooth surface, easy to clean, waterproof, used in the kitchen, bathroom wall tiles, can also be used in the living room, restaurant floor tiles.

2. Diatom mud: Diatom mud wall materials can adsorb formaldehyde and purify air. Since diatom mud wall materials are natural mineral materials, the diatom mud-filled houses give people a very soft and comfortable feeling. Compared with wallpapers, diatom mud wall materials are also more affordable.

3. Facing stone: Marble is a kind of natural facing stone commonly used for interior wall decoration of houses. Many artificial veneer panels are also widely used for interior wall decoration. Stone decoration is noble and magnificent.

4, wall stickers: wall stickers are made of PVC environmental protection material made of stickers, waterproof moisture, wall stickers do not need their own personal mapping, rich patterns, and has been designed, simply hands open the protective film can be directly affixed.

Summary: The above information about wall decoration materials and how to buy wall decoration materials are introduced here. I hope the above information will help everyone. If there is anything we do not know where to leave comments on the bottom of the page, we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

What are the wall decoration materials

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