Blockboard, also known as Daxinban, is one of the main varieties of wood-based panels for decoration. According to experts, the blockboard is made of natural peeling veneer and solid wood panel glued, hot pressed plate. According to the quality of the material and the texture of the surface material can be divided into "excellent products", "first-class products" and "qualified products." The core material is also poplar, birch, pine, paulownia and other. The surface material may be one or two layers of veneer laminated on both sides of the core, and may be classified into three-layer blockboard and five-layer blockboard. In the production process of blockboard, there will be problems such as excessive formaldehyde emission, unsatisfied transverse static bending strength, unqualified product moisture content, and low bonding strength. Therefore, the choice of blockboard must be carefully selected, and its quality can be judged by some simple and intuitive methods.

Look at the appearance. The appearance should be smooth and flawless, and the logo should be complete. One side of the blockboard must be a whole board, and only one seam is allowed on the other side. The quality blockboard panel should be dry, smooth and free from defects such as dead knots, digging and leaking. The thickness of the middle plate is uniform, there is no overlap, the phenomenon of separation, the core board is closely stitched, especially the blockboard two The end can not have dry crack phenomenon. When erected, the corners should be straight and the diagonal error should not exceed 6 mm. The entire package of blockboards should fit completely between each board. Second, touch the surface of the blockboard by hand. The high-quality blockboard should be dry and smooth.

Look at the inner quality. Observe the bright light, such as the white note that the splicing of the sticks is not tight enough; when you hear the sound when you pick up, there is a buzzing sound to indicate that the gluing strength is not good; raise the end of a blockboard, squeak, the high-quality blockboard should have a Kind of overall sense, heavy feeling. Of course, this heavy induction is a good plate in the case of dry hands, otherwise it is not dry enough. Then, tap the surface of the plate with a sharp-nosed device to hear if there is a big difference in the sound. If there is a change in the sound, there is a hollow inside the plate. These phenomena will reduce the overall bearing capacity of the plate. Uneven stress will cause the plate structure to be distorted and deformed, affecting the appearance and the effect of use. In addition, if the blockboard is made of eco-friendly glue, only the dry wood smell will be produced at the production site, and the pungent smell of formaldehyde will not be heard. If the blockboard emits a pungent odor, it means that the formaldehyde emission is high and it is best not to purchase it. Check the quality inside, but also saw a corner. Good quality large core boards, among which there are sawtooth-shaped ridges between small wooden ties, the gap can not exceed 5 mm.

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