The glass fiber grid can enhance and reinforce the road surface, prevent fatigue cracks on the road surface, hot and cold expansion cracks and reflection cracks below, and can disperse road surface stress and prolong the service life of the road surface. Here we look at the use of glass fiber grating what?

The use of glass fiber grille:

1, anti-fatigue cracking: fiberglass geogrid in the asphalt surface layer, the wheel can be pressed through the road and the compressive stress and tensile stress dispersion, forming a buffer zone between the two pressure areas, where the stress changes gradually Instead of mutations, the damage to the asphalt surface caused by stress mutations is reduced. At the same time, the low elongation of the fiberglass geogrid reduces the deflection of the road surface and ensures that the road surface will not be excessively deformed.

2, high temperature car

A fiberglass geogrid is used in the asphalt surface layer, which plays a skeleton role in the asphalt surface layer. Asphalt rolling middle aggregate penetrates through the grille to form a composite mechanical interlocking system, which limits aggregates and increases the lateral binding force of the asphalt surface. Each part of the asphalt surface is restrained to prevent the asphalt surface from moving. To resist the role of rutting.

3, low temperature shrinkage

Under the condition of low temperature, asphalt concrete will shrink and produce tensile stress. When the tensile stress exceeds the tensile strength of asphalt concrete, cracks will occur. The application of fiberglass geogrid in the asphalt surface layer increases the transverse tensile strength of the surface layer, so that the tensile strength of the asphalt concrete is greatly improved, and the tensile stress can be resisted without causing damage. In addition, even if a crack occurs in a local area, the stress concentration at the point where the crack occurs is lost through the transmission of the fiberglass geogrid, and cracks do not develop into cracks.

4, delay to reduce reflection cracks

The fiberglass geogrid sandwich layer is added in the asphalt layer to suppress the shear or tensile stress caused by the traffic load and release the strain. As the asphalt concrete tensile reinforcement material, the purpose of delaying the reduction of reflective cracks is achieved.

5, deal with soft soil

Reinforced fiberglass geogrids are used in soft soils for reinforcement. Its network structure is conducive to the drainage of soft soils. Under embankment fill load, the water in soft soil seeps out and promotes soft soil consolidation. , soil base bearing capacity increased. Soft soil base and glass fiber geogrid work together to form the interlocking system. When the vehicle is loaded, the fiberglass geogrid is pulled up, the vertical stress at the center axis of the road is reduced, and the vertical stress on both sides is increased, so that the verticality of the substrate is increased. The stress tends to be uniform.

Xiaobian epilogue: The above introduced the use of glass fiber grid, and we hope to help everyone. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this website information platform. Follow-up will bring more exciting content for everyone.  

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