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China's huge demand for electricity and serious shortage of power and energy have led to diversified development of the power generation industry. The power generation industries such as coal-fired power generation, hydropower generation, wind power generation, biomass power generation, and nuclear power are now relatively mature.

However, as China's energy policy is tilted toward clean energy, biomass power generation has a tendency to replace coal-fired power generation. As a production equipment for biomass fuel, foam plastic pellet machine is of great significance to promote the development of China's biomass power generation industry.

Biomass power generation is warmly welcomed by the government and the general public, and its benefits are numerous:

First of all, biomass power generation is an important component of electricity composition. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the government encouraged the development and utilization of biomass energy and increased its share of total energy. At present, many biomass power generation enterprises have been invested in all parts of the country. Once these power plants are completed, they will greatly promote the local transformation of resource advantages into economic advantages.

Secondly, biomass energy is an important part of new energy, and has important characteristics such as pollution-free and renewable. This is very different from the use of high energy and high pollution with primary energy such as petroleum and coal. If Ludian Investment Co., Ltd. is completed and put into production, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 150,000 tons per year, which is of great help to purify the local environment.

Thirdly, biomass energy sources are wide and easy to use. This is also very different from the energy methods that need to rely on the wind and photovoltaics. Rural crop straw provides an important source of biomass energy utilization. For example, large amounts of straw are produced every year in North China, Northeast China, and Central China. Incineration treatment will cause air pollution, and landfill will pollute the soil. This has become a huge social problem in the local area. The establishment of a biomass power station can solve this problem well and bring considerable economic benefits to local farmers.

Some people may ask, why is the foam pellet machine the basis of biomass power generation?

Straw direct combustion power generation, its combustion efficiency is extremely low about 20% -60%, and due to the small density of straw, straw transportation will generate high costs. The use of foam plastic pellet machine to make straw into biomass fuel particles will greatly improve its combustion efficiency, increase the density of biomass fuel, and reduce transportation costs.

The deterioration of the environment, the decreasing of fossil resources, and the search for new energy sources have become the focus of international attention. The foam plastic pellet machine is the main production equipment for biomass pellet fuel, and it has achieved a green transformation in the use of fuel in China's power companies. This will be more conducive to the development of China's green recycling economy.

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