How to choose the curtain color? Specific analysis of specific conditions, different venues, there are some differences. Matching curtains is a problem that every family has to face. Failure to deal with them in time will leave major problems behind. At this time, you need reliable matching curtains to help. Don't worry, here's an example of the colors of the living room curtains that I have combined with several of my homeowners for your reference. I believe you will be more confident with the selection of curtain colors for your home!

Curtain color introduction

Choosing the color of the curtains is not only based on their own preferences, but also coordinated with their own room accessories, colors, furniture styles, etc., in order to complement each other and achieve beautiful results, if they can meet the season and window orientation. The effect achieved is not only beautiful, but also the perfect combination of art and high taste, making your home life more colorful!

The choice of shades for curtains should be based on the overall tone of the room, or the same (similar) color system, to separate the levels with depth, to create a harmonious and quiet home atmosphere; or to adopt a difference color combination through the matching of fabric products ( Bedspreads, sofas, tablecloths, etc.) create a sense of rhythm of jumping through the rhythm of color to make the room lively; also can use a large area of ​​contrasting colors, especially the rendering and combination of the pattern on the curtain, publicizing modern life, sweeping indoor Depressed atmosphere

The main color shades of the curtains are mainly warm colors, followed by yellow, beige, orange, etc.; the pastoral curtain colors are based on natural colors such as cherries and other colors. And the effect of different colors is not the same, the expression of the feeling is not the same, different people have different preferences for different color shades. Owners should choose their own personality and hobbies as much as possible when matching curtains.

The meaning and function of various curtain colors

Purple curtains

Purple represents nobility and often becomes the color that aristocrats love to use. The meaning of purple in Christianity is sadness. Purple also represents courage and courage. Concealed, melancholic, noble, mysterious, deep, mature, romantic symbolism In Chinese tradition, purple is the color of the king, such as the Beijing Imperial Palace also known as the “Forbidden City” and the so-called “Purple East”. Purple represents nobility and often becomes the color that aristocrats love to use. Due to the purple dyes commonly used by the Tir in the Roman Empire, they were only worn by the nobles, and the clothes dyed were similar to the red, and were very well received by the monarchs at that time. Purple also represents courage and courage.

The room was covered with purple curtains and the feeling of friendship and extravagance was at that time, attention should be paid to the match. White was wild and could be put on a white cabinet in the room. The main color in a room should not be more than two, and the curtains were purple. Bedding can be matched with pink, floral, and beautiful white furniture.

Green curtains

In the Middle Ages, green represented demon (including dragons) and sometimes represented love. The modernity of these symbolic meanings is no longer obvious.

Green has the meaning of allowing action because the green representation of the traffic signal is feasible. Green can play a protective role, so the army and field teams usually use green uniforms.

Green is the color of plants. It has the meaning of life in Chinese culture and is also a symbol of spring. Therefore, there are green curtains in the room to represent the meaning of vitality. Every morning is in contact with the green. Every day is the hope of spring.


Blue curtains

Blue is the coolest color. Blue is very pure, usually reminiscent of the ocean, sky, water, and the universe. Pure blue shows a beautiful, calm, rational, peaceful and broad. Because of the calm blue nature, with rational and accurate image, in the commercial design, emphasis on science and technology, efficiency of the goods or corporate image, most of the use of blue as the standard color, corporate color, such as computers, automobiles, photocopying machines, photographic equipment And so on, and blue also represents melancholy, which is influenced by Western culture. This image is also used in commercial designs of literary works or emotional appeals. Generally blue curtains are commonly used in offices and conference rooms. Blue gives people a feeling of calm. It makes people feel that time will be faster and forget the tension in the meeting. Like the blue sky in the family, it is reminiscent of the sky and gives people a sense of space.

Red curtain

Red represents auspiciousness, festivity, passion, passion, passion, and fighting spirit. In many countries and some nations, red has the function of expelling evil. For example, in ancient China, the walls of many palaces and temples were red.

Research by interior designers, in all colors, deep red is the most warm and suitable for winter use. Regulate mood.

Most of the interior use is light red or pink, giving a warm feeling. In general, it is not recommended to install big red curtains. Because in the summer, the sun shines in, giving people a feeling of boredom, and of course if the curtains The color is too deep, long time, it will make people feel depressed!

Pink curtains

Pink is the purest color. The pink flowers represent sweet smiles, gentle girls, and innocent emotions. This color is used on women and represents the beauty of women. It represents the nature of women and represents women's innocence. Elegant and noble demeanor, while the deep pink is a symbol of gratitude, and can show the delicate and lovely girls. It is as unforgettable as a girl's dream. Pink represents the youthful beauty of the girls and brings more to the girls. Peach blossoms, love games.

If you want to install pink curtains, most of them are princess curtains, because pink is the girl's most pure dream, so many of the princess curtains are pink.


The influence of home curtain color on husband and wife feng shui

1, choose the numerological color and material

At the beginning of the renovation, it is necessary to combine the owner’s numerology and to select the color and material of the curtains. This will help the owner’s feelings, health, wealth, and career. For example, if the host manages hi wood, it is possible to choose green, wooden curtains; if the owner is lucky, then choose yellow, earth-colored Roman shades.

2, to avoid the meaning of ill-conceived patterns

Some young people will choose some trendy or alternative patterns according to their own personality, which is very suitable for their own tastes. However, in Feng Shui, it is impractical. For example, common skeletons, stylized dolls, and ferocious animals, etc., try to avoid using these patterns in order to avoid negative impact on the owner, especially the room for the elderly and children.

3, the main bedroom less pink tone

The pink tone is a feminine color and is generally used by romantic women. Installing pink shades in the bedroom will give the room a sense of fantasy or romanticism. In feng shui, pink has the meaning of inviting peach blossoms, and it is easy to cause third parties to affect the feelings of the couple.

Editor's summary: Fengshui experts also suggested that the curtains in the small space should be based on a more concise style, so as to avoid making the space more narrow due to the complexity of the curtains, and the large space is the opposite, and it is appropriate to use more atmospheric, elegant, stylish curtains. . In this way, the decoration of the space is not too shabby, and the overall effect will make people look comfortable.

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