The furniture on the market looks very beautiful and smooth, which can not be separated from the furniture paint. Furniture paint can not only beautify the surface of wooden materials, but also play a role in protecting wooden furniture. So what are the furniture paint processes ? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

First, the furniture paint process - primary treatment

Firstly, the wood wool and edges of the wood surface are polished with No. 1 sandpaper, and the corners are polished first and then ground. It should be noted here that it is necessary to grind along the wood grain, and if there is a rough skin or heavy skin during the grinding process, it can be glued firmly with glue. Second, use alcohol paint to spot brush on frugal and grease spots.

Second, furniture paint process - embedded putty

Pulp putty is formulated according to the selected color or original template, and its function is to fill defects such as nails, freckles, and crevices.

Third, furniture paint process - matte paper

It must be sanded with No. 1 sandpaper, but it must not be worn and it must be protected. After wiping, wipe off with a damp rag.

Fourth, furniture paint process - wipe old water

Use a shellac varnish to remove the excess water and remove it. The effect of the wiping should be slightly lighter than that of the template because the color will be deeper when the varnish is applied.

Fifth, furniture paint process - brush shellac varnish

In order to make the fixing of the ground color better, one side of the shellac varnish is applied after brushing the old powder, which also facilitates the removal of the erected wooden hair.

Sixth, furniture paint process - matte

Use sandpaper to remove the wood wool and gouache, but be careful not to whiten the edges and then remove the sand.

Seven, furniture paint process - insect patch putty

The bumps and defects that are applied before the shellac paint is applied will be exposed. At this time, it is necessary to use the same color as the primer to apply the paint.

Eight, furniture paint process - brush color

The color deviation of the work film and the template will be revealed after applying the shellac paint. At this time, the required fuel and shellac paint will be dissolved, and the color will be adjusted after the wine is made.

Nine, furniture paint process - fight color

Here, special attention should be paid to the color difference at the interface between the strip and the sheet. If there is a color difference, use the shellac to adjust the required color to apply to the color-matching parts.

Ten, furniture paint process - paint varnish

Shellac is afraid of boiling hot water, so do not use shellac paint as background and primer when painting on the desktop. It is recommended to use thinner nitrocellulose instead of shellac as primer.

Editor's summary: The above is about the furniture paint process related to elaboration, hoping to bring help to the majority of friends. If you need to pay more attention to the furniture paint, you can always pay attention to us, and the later articles will be more exciting.

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