When we decorate the bathroom or the kitchen, we will install the basin. The basin has different installation methods. There is a basin and a Taichung basin. The materials are different, so we will have different installation methods when installing. , then the Taichung basin installation methods are there? What are the selection method Taichung basin have? If we want to understand it, just like the decoration of the small series together to find home network about it.


First, the Taichung basin installation method

1. The installation of the predetermined position of the Taichung basin is relatively complicated. There are many preparations to be done. Since it is the installation of the predetermined position, the first thing to do is to determine the predetermined position, and the predetermined position should be based on the size of the bathroom basin. The determination, although the size of the basin has been known, in order to ensure that nothing is lost, it is the actual measurement of the basin, according to the actual size measurement to determine the position of the basin in the predetermined position, when the predetermined position has been determined The Taichung basin is installed at a predetermined position. For the installation of the predetermined position of the Taichung basin, the installation can be directly performed, and the installation is relatively simple, mainly because the determination of the predetermined position is complicated.

2. The installation of the Taichung basin is troublesome, involving problems such as punching, rounding, splint and mounting of the Taichung basin. It is difficult to grasp the glue treatment of the joint between the countertop and the Taichung basin. If this part is not filled, the problem of water leakage and water seepage will occur at the time of use. Because the basin is recessed below the countertop, it is more troublesome to glue.

3. When the Taichung basin has been installed in the predetermined position, it is necessary to install the basin bracket. The basin bracket is also the bracket of the basin. There is a place to be paid attention to during the installation between the basins. The bracket needs to be customized according to the size of the Taichung basin. In the installation of the bracket, some bathroom hardware accessories and special installation tools will be used. Therefore, these items should be prepared before the installation to ensure the bracket. effectiveness installed, when these materials are ready to be bracket installed.


Second, the selection method of Taichung basin

1. Stainless steel wash basin, stainless steel wash basin is very modern and easy to clean. However, the general stainless steel wash basins are made of solid backing materials. The steel materials are also highly extracted, and the surface is also subjected to sanding or mirror plating, so the price is not low. When buying a stainless steel wash basin, you must be optimistic about the style, but also to understand the material and maintenance points.

2. Glass wash basin, glass material is always eye-catching, whether it is its unique texture or its light and shadow effect. However, the drawback of glass is that it is fragile and not resistant to high temperature. (The glass wall of the market is sold in the market with 19mm, 15mm and 12mm thickness. Even for 19mm wall thickness, its temperature resistance is only 80°C. Relatively high temperature).

3. Pedestal basin wash basin, the basin basin is mainly suitable for small bathroom space or a bathroom with low usage rate. Because you see, the design of the pedestal is very simple, you can also hide the drainage components into the column of the main basin, giving a clean and tidy appearance.

Taichung basin is the most common type of life in our life. However, no matter which type of basin is selected, what are the installation methods and selection methods of Taichung basin? I think everyone has read the above introduction. I understand that, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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