Home appliances can not be separated from the wires, especially the old houses, although the wire is small, “responsibility” is significant. A lot of fires are caused by the aging of the power lines, their unreasonable configuration, or the poor quality of the wires used. Therefore, consumers must polish their eyes when buying electric wires, carefully identify them and prevent them from occurring.
The state has explicitly stated that copper conductors should be used in new houses. However, copper conductors are also used, and inferior copper conductors are also used. The copper core uses recycled copper and contains many impurities. Some poor-quality copper conductors are even less conductive than iron wires, which can easily cause electrical accidents. At present, there are many kinds of wires on the market, many specifications, and prices are chaotic. It is very difficult for consumers to choose. With regard to the prices of 2.5 square millimetres and 4 square millimetres of two kinds of copper wires that are commonly used in home decoration, the price of one line of the same specification may differ by 20%, 12316; 30% because of different manufacturers. As for the quality, whether the length is up to standard, consumers are even more difficult to determine.

According to industry sources, the reason why the prices of wires are so different is that they are caused by different raw materials used in the production process. The main raw materials for producing wires are electrolytic copper, insulating materials and sheathing materials. At present, the raw material market has about two million yuan per ton of electrolytic copper, and only about 15,000 yuan per ton of recycled copper; the price of high-quality products for insulating materials and sheathing materials is 8,000 yuan per ton, 12316, and 8500 yuan. The price of the product is only 4,000 yuan per ton &12316; 5,000 yuan, and the spread is even more disparity. In addition, the lack of length and inadequate insulation of the insulators are also important reasons for price differences. The length of each line, superior products is 100 meters, while the defective product is only about 90 meters; excellent quality of insulators containing glue accounted for 35% & 12316; 40%, and defective products only 15%. By contrast, it is not difficult for consumers to see that the difference in the sales price of finished wire is due to the presence of tricky materials.
So, how to identify the advantages and disadvantages when buying a wire?
(1) First of all, see the volume of wire packaging cards, whether there is the "Great Wall Mark" and the production license number of the China Electrotechnical Products Certification Committee; see if there is a quality system certification; see whether the certificate is standardized; see if there is a name , site, inspection seal, production date; see if there are trademarks, specifications, voltage, etc. printed on the wire. It also depends on the cross-section of the copper core of the wire. The superior product has a bright, soft color and a reddish yellow color in the copper core, indicating that the quality of the copper used is better, and the yellow white is a reflection of the low quality copper.
(2) It is desirable to use a wire head repeatedly bent by hand, which is a superior product with soft touch, good anti-fatigue strength, high elasticity of plastic or rubber, and no crack on the wire insulation. The outer plastic skin of the wire should be bright in color and fine in texture. There should be no open flame when lit with a lighter.
(3) Take a section of insulation to see if the core is in the middle of the insulation. Non-centered is due to the fact that the process is not high and the eccentricity phenomenon is caused. If the power is small, it can be safe when used. Once the power is used, the thinner side may be broken down by the current.
(4) It must be seen whether the length and the core thickness have any hands or feet. The relevant standards stipulate that the error of the length of the wire cannot exceed 5%, and the diameter of the cross section cannot exceed 0.02%. However, there are a large number of short and short lengths on the market, and frauds are made on the cross section (if the cross section is 2.5 mm 2 ). Lines, in fact, only 2 square millimeters thick) phenomenon.

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