When the squatting pan is changed to the toilet seat , the internal structure of the two types of toilet and the water discharge port are different from the wall size. Therefore, the following treatment must be performed before it can be used normally. Here's a look at the next two things to note about changing toilets .

Squatting toilet to change the toilet Note one

The sewer pipe fling size is inconsistent. With water tanks sit down the water pipe thrown away from the net wall surface is 400mm, squat toilet water pipe from the net wall surface is 600mm, how to make the toilet water pipe into the original squat toilet water pipe it? The method comprises the following steps of: making a steel box with a steel plate, welding 100mm diameter pipes at both ends of the steel plate, the height of which does not exceed 100mm, the upper end is connected with the toilet, and the lower end is connected with the socket of the trap of the squatting pan. The tube connected to the squatting pan may be welded after the hole is opened in the steel plate; the tube connected to the toilet shall be opened in the tube with an arc-shaped groove corresponding to the cross-sectional area of ​​the tube. The groove shall be located under the squatting pan. Upstream of the outlet. In order to prevent the overflow of water, the steel plate should be welded and sealed around the top and the top and bottom of the steel plate should be painted with asphalt paint. When the toilet is in place, the upper and lower ports are closed with putty to prevent water leakage.

Squat toilet to change the toilet attention two

The problem of poor drainage. The squat toilet trap is open to the atmosphere. When the stool is flushed, it is easier to drain, and the toilet itself has a S-curve. The two traps will cause poor drainage. This is mainly caused by gas blocking. . The elimination method is to drill 12mm hole in the drainage pipe, insert the outer diameter of 10mm steel pipe into the hole and weld firmly, and then bind a piece of plastic hose with inner diameter of 10mm outside the pipe, the hose should be higher than the floor, the mouth bend Down, prevent dirt from falling into the hose to facilitate exhaust. After the above measures are taken, the “gas congestion” phenomenon will disappear and the toilet will be used normally.

The above two items on the toilet seater to change the squat toilet brief introduction to this, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.


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