Soft-film ceilings have become an increasingly popular ceiling material. The appearance design is very critical. Soft-film ceilings are just in line with this feature. Therefore, various high-end products have appeared one after another. Soft film ceiling Construction Notes There are many small series listed below soft film ceiling construction precautions for your reference.

Soft film ceiling construction precautions

1, before installation should first look at the site to see if there are no conditions to install the keel, mainly reflected in the wall is completed, whether the carpentry qualified, whether the plastering place is completed, some of the carpentry size must be required to do.

2, before the soft film ceiling installation, we must first check whether the keel joints are firm and smooth, to be sealed at the same place to do a good job, in the sprinkler with a sticky tape. When installing a soft film ceiling, first fix it from both sides of the middle, and pay attention to the installation size. The welding seam should be straight and the corners should be well controlled. After finishing the last four weeks, trim out the extra ceiling and look beautiful.

3, open hole lamp: Make a mark in the lamp hole, pvc ring accurate paste in the bottom of the soft film. Firmly remove excess lace.

4, in the construction site conditions permitting, according to the requirements of the design drawings of woodworking to do some fixed pvc special keel, angular position must be flat and smooth.

5. Air outlet and light pipe tray: Find the location of the air outlet of the air outlet. As with the surrounding area, install the soft film on the special keel for PVC. Note that the corner should be flat. After doing a good job, you can remove more of the smallpox.

6. Finally, clean the soft film ceiling surface with a clean towel.

7. Observe that the lighthouse, tuyere, and light pipe plate must be level with the surrounding keel, and they must be stable and stable without swinging.

8. Smoke, ceiling lamp, first position and then do a wooden chassis, the bottom of the wooden chassis to be polished smooth, and pay attention to the level, too low it is easy to highlight the traces of the chassis.

The relevant information on the construction of soft film ceilings has been introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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