Although statistics show that the current proportion of Internet access for smart TV users is not high, there have been consumers who have encountered viruses due to the use of television. In this regard, some experts pointed out that, like smart phones, with the popularity of smart TVs, they also face security issues.

Researchers at security vendor iSECPartners recently discovered a security hole in Samsung Smart TV. Using this vulnerability, intruders can use the camera on the TV to detect images in the living room and monitor the owner's life. In addition, you can also jump to the phishing website. This is not the first time Samsung Smart TV has encountered this problem. In 2012, security consultant ReVuln also discovered the vulnerability of Samsung Smart TV. Hackers can obtain Root privileges and control the entire device.

It is said that the currently affected smart TVs are mainly concentrated in the products launched by Samsung in 2012. Samsung has already pushed the vulnerability patch to infected smart TV users. Samsung official also sends recommendations to all smart TV users, indicating that if on TV The webcam is left unused for a long time, and the connection cable can be unplugged to ensure that privacy is not compromised.

Jiang Xuxian, head of the NetQin North American Research Center and chief scientist, pointed out that due to the development of technology, the interconnection between smartphones and other mobile devices is becoming easier, and many applications can be applied to smartphones and other mobile devices. It has facilitated the spread of the virus.

More experts predict that as the product activation rate climbs, smart TV will follow the smart phone and become the next hard-hungry area of ​​the Trojan. Network security expert Tang Wei said that after being attacked by a virus, there may be problems such as malicious deduction and system crash. It may also involuntarily jump, crash, or even start. He said that at present, smart TV needs to focus on preventing Trojan viruses, so as to prevent users from being infected when shopping through TV sets, as well as Weibo account security and family privacy protection. "Future TV payment and TV payment will start from the wind, and security issues must be taken seriously." Wu Hao, secretary-general of the Tianjin Household Appliance Industry Association, pointed out that users should cultivate safety awareness when using smart TV, and should ask for software after-sales service when purchasing. Whether to provide virus database upgrade, professional Trojan killing, vulnerability patch download and other services.

Network security experts pointed out that it is more worth noting that with the arrival of the Internet of Things, these problems will inevitably appear on other devices, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, air purifiers, door locks and so on. The consequences of security problems with these devices can be more serious because they are closer to everyday life. For example, once the air conditioner is controlled, it may endanger personal safety. Reporter Sang Xueyu


Software security responsibility to be clear

"I always thought that there were problems such as fishing, hacking, fraud, etc. when I used the smartphone or computer to access the Internet. I didn't expect to use the TV to access the Internet." Ms. Zhu, a consumer in Hubei Province, recently reported to the newspaper that she bought it in November 2012. The smart TV suddenly appeared in May this year. She called the company's after-sales service hotline, and the other party told her that the TV may have a virus, but the problem is not covered by the repair, and Ms. Zhu needs to pay a 100 yuan on-site service fee. However, Ms. Zhu believes that the product is still in the three-package period, and the home repair should be free.

In this regard, the person in charge of the company said that most of the problems with the smart TV software are not the quality of the TV itself, but the consumer's operation is wrong, so the corresponding fees are charged. “Does the consumer’s computer poisoning failure not be within the scope of the company’s repairs?” he said.

The relevant staff of the Wuhan Consumers Association said that the current hardware maintenance of smart home appliances is carried out in accordance with the national three guarantees, but the software after-sales service is not clearly defined, so in the event of disputes, the Consumers Association can only coordinate. It is recommended that consumers should first ask the manufacturer about the three regulations of the home appliance software when purchasing, and if necessary, the three packages of home appliance software can be clarified by written agreement.

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