Smart city talks about wisdom
In recent years, with the continuous development and popularization of PCs, tablets, mobile phones, mobile internet, car networking, internet of things, and cloud computing, the resulting data is growing at an exponential rate. People are paying more and more attention.
In today's world, the type, quantity, and overall capacity of data sources are increasing. The data on the Internet is very large. There are many collectors in the physical world such as smart sensors, mobile phones, GPS, and smart meters. There are also many data generated by scientific instruments and medical instruments. The data is just like a rainstorm. We really use data like an umbrella, and 90% or even 99% of the data has not yet been used.
One reason for the outbreak of big data is that all businesses, individuals, and governments are aware of the value of data. Enterprise development requires accurate data, Internet marketing, new media marketing, and social media marketing. Data is needed to determine the company’s life and death. The development of regional and smart cities also requires data. The Fortune Forum lists big data as a new economic growth point in the future. Big data also gradually rises into the overall strategy of our country. Its value is increasingly recognized by everyone.
We have so much data now, and we are increasingly demanding data values, but existing systems and methods have no way to handle this data. This involves the cost of server construction for data processing and data security privacy issues. The core issue of smart cities lies in the handling of big data.
Smart cities have been mentioned since 2012, but there are very few cities that can really be built and effective. One very important reason is that there is no way to solve the problems of interconnection and sharing. Therefore, the four-wheeler IoT, cloud computing, mobile Internet, and big data of the new generation of information technology have emerged.
If you think of a smart city as a person, the Internet of Things is a sense, the mobile Internet is a nerve, the cloud computing is a strong body and heart, and big data is a smart brain. Smart cities, if you abandon the use of data collection, data analysis and data, wisdom will not be able to speak.
Take the example of a smart community closely related to our lives. It has four dimensions: bedroom, community, 100-meter life circle, and two-kilometre life line. O2O is the main application in the community. APPs such as e-commerce, tourism, medical care, and education will be popular, and the ultimate concept of smart homes and smart communities is that the environment and equipment are automatically adapted to people and do not require you to operate and control them.

Turbine Centrifugal Fan

Features: Turbine centrifugal fan impeller adopts the international standard backward design, the perfect streamline structure, large openings into the center of the impeller inlet wind, the wind through the center port into the wind, resulting in a strong centrifugal force, by the backward tilt fan blades thrown off quickly Turbine structure design makes the wind turbine has a strong wind, wind pressure.

Highlights: Turbine centrifugal fan by the overload thermal motor protection of the outer rotor, high efficiency after the circular arc-shaped centrifugal impeller of two parts. All impeller mold production, high precision dynamic balancing machine calibration, with small size, high efficiency, air volume, small vibration, low noise, superior performance, easy installation and commissioning.

Application: Material: Made of PA6 plastic, plastic one molding process. Diameter size 155mm ~ 250mm.

Applications: Air purification equipment, factory equipment (printing equipment, chemical fiber equipment, etc.), medical equipment, fresh food cabinets, refrigeration cabinets, servo motors, inverters, pipe ventilation, dehumidifiers, etc.

Turbo Blower 


Volute centrifugal fan:

Features: Volute centrifugal fan impeller driven by the motor rotation, the impeller blades forcing gas rotation, the gas to work, to increase its energy, the centrifugal force in the gas around the impeller thrown through the scroll casing will speed Can be converted into pressure energy, when the impeller gas is discharged, the impeller pressure is lower than the pressure inside the inlet, the new gas in the pressure difference under the action of inhalation impeller, the gas is continuously exported from the outlet.

Highlights: The fan is designed with a reasonable impeller angle according to the aerodynamics of air flow. Without any mechanical friction during operation, a reasonable blade shape line minimizes the noise. The optimized impeller minimizes the axial force and has an efficient impeller , And the static and dynamic balance correction, the machine running smoothly, without any damping device, the bearing amplitude is relatively small.

Application: Material: Aluminum die-casting frame, wind wheel made of galvanized sheet, surface black electrophoresis, size Diameter: 120mm ~ 160mm

Applications: Sterilizers, heat exchange systems, clean benches, air shower, laboratory equipment, etc.

choose the suitable fan

1, the first parameter to note are: air volume, total pressure, efficiency, sound pressure level, speed and motor power.

2, Centrifugal fan pressure can be divided into three categories: high pressure centrifugal fan P> 3000Pa, medium pressure centrifugal fan 1000≤P≤3000Pa and low pressure centrifugal fan P <1000Pa. Depending on the stupid physicality and chemical properties of the delivered gas and the use, etc., different types of centrifugal fans are selected.

3, taking into account the loss of air leakage pipeline system, calculation error, as well as the actual fan fan, wind pressure negative deviation, centrifugal fan selection, the general use of air flow rate of 1,05 ~ 1,1, wind pressure of 1,10 ~ 1,15 safety factor. In order to prevent long-term fan in low-efficiency operation, it is not appropriate to use excessive safety factor.

4, in order to make the fan stable operation, should make the fan work in the vicinity of its efficiency, the fan operating point is located in the performance curve of the full pressure peak point on the right (ie, gales side, and is generally located at full pressure peak 80%). Fan design efficiency of the selected conditions, not less than 90% of the fan efficiency.

5, the use of variable frequency fan, the total pressure loss should be calculated as the system rated pressure, but the fan motor power should be calculated on the additional 15% to 20%.


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