as big as World, nothing is nonexistent. The rapid development of science and technology has brought many changes to people's lives. Nowadays, the smart home industry is developing rapidly, and the pace of home automation is gradually accelerating. Let's take a look at the smart light below to see if the following functions have shocked you!

Wonderful function one: find a mobile phone. When you can't find your phone, just double click on your smart light, the flashlight of the phone will activate and start flashing, and the phone will ring, even if you are muted at the time.

Wonderful function two: switch. It’s so simple and self-willed to knock it off and then tap it again.

Wonderful function three: self-adjusting brightness. The smart light has a light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the light depending on the brightness of the environment. This feature is especially effective at sunrise and sunset.

Wonderful feature four: notification. You can use the mobile app to set different light reminders for different notifications, so that you can judge whether it is a text message or a WeChat based on the light, or someone will send you an email.

Wonderful function five: mobile phone charging. You can plug the USB cable directly into this smart light to charge your phone.

Wonderful function six: temperature control. The smart light monitors the ambient temperature and is connected to the smart thermostat to the appropriate temperature.

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