One must be looked after;
Second, you must use it as you go.
Third, always clean the cooker to keep the fire eye clear;
Fourth, we must ensure that the igniter is not loose;
Fifth, always add fuel to the knob;
Sixth to prevent the hose from aging and cracking.
It is forbidden to bundle and hang items on gas facilities;
2. It is forbidden to stack flammable or explosive materials near the gas stove;
3. It is forbidden to modify the original facilities privately;
4. It is forbidden to decorate gas pipes, valves and watches in the wall;
5. It is forbidden to use electrical switches when leaking;
6. Gas facilities are forbidden for people, gas rooms and children .

Expanded Metal 

Expanded metal also named diamond metal mesh, that uses the high quality low carbon steel plate, aluminium plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized steel plate, nickel plate, titanium plate, lead plate and so on be punched to mesh. Expanded Metal Mesh including: standard expanded metal, flattened expanded metal, architectural expanded metal, micro expanded metal, ribbon expanded metal, custom fabricated expanded metal. 

The surface treatment of expanded metal sheet: PVC coated, galvanized, anodizing, antirust painted

The material:  high quality low carbon steel plate, aluminium plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized steel plate, nickel plate, titanium plate, lead plate 

The uses of expanded metal panel: Filter Mesh, Filter Cartridge, platforms, catwalks, walkways, decorative building, rail enclosures, conveyors, etc

The advantages of expanded metal:

beautiful, strong and durable

uniform mesh, smooth surface, high friction coefficient and strength

easy cutting and process

The mesh is firm


resistant to high temperature

no deformation, no rust

non-toxic and tasteless

easy to use

expanded metal mesh

Expanded Metal

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