Shanghai spot copper price trend 2016.1.13

Shanghai spot copper price trend 2016.1.13

1. NO RUST & BPA-FREE: Rust Resistant, Anti-acid and Alkali Material, Non-toxic, No Contamination, No Metal smell, Easy to Use. will retain its original sharpness up to 15 times longer than steel blades. You will never need sharpening any more!

2. NO OXIDATION: when cutting with these ceramic chef knifes. Keep your meat & food fresh for a longer period of time.The beveled doubled-sided, cutting edge will thinly slice anything, becoming a favorite knife in the kitchen

3.  Each kitchen cearamic knife with knife cover,   it is very safe and store.

4. Razor-sharp blade with  comfortable handle.

5.  Not for Cutting Bones, Coconut Shells or Super Hard objects.Do not use Ceramic Knife for chopping bone, prying, striking and it can  dish-washing .

Ceramic Chef Knife

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