In recent years, the frequent occurrence of campus security accidents has caused concern from all walks of life. The perfection of campus security facilities and the completeness of hardware equipment are the focus of attention for parents and students. For a city's development, intelligence is the key, and as the country's future, the student's education problem is also a city's focus in the development process. Only when education develops can we truly call it a smart city. Therefore, campus security is a key issue. To maintain campus security, campus monitoring is indispensable, in addition to other hardware support.

Campus Monitoring Builds Rural School Security Firewall

"It's too convenient to sit in the office and be fully aware of the security of the entire campus." Xiaogan Han Chuan, primary school principal, Jun Jun, looked at the newly installed campus monitoring equipment and said with pleasure. It is understood that the school has actively raised funds and installed video surveillance cameras at key locations such as school gates, teaching building entrances and exits, canteens and student activity venues, and monitored the campus for 24 hours.

Campus monitoring system is conducive to schools to keep abreast of the campus security situation, timely detection of security risks, reduce the occurrence of various types of security incidents, and effectively build a campus security firewall.

Grid Management Monitoring Command Center Adds Safety Net for Safety Campus <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> Recently, the Three Gorges University Grid Management Supervision Command Center is officially put into use on the fifth floor of the Information Technology Center, with a large monitor screen, with the mouse Mobile, information on key personnel at key locations in the school, road traffic dynamics, and the configuration of safety equipment are available at a glance.

The grid management and monitoring command center system platform consists of 27 large-screen splicing video walls, which can be freely combined and switched to display any screen within the authorized scope. Its image recording adopts 720P and 1080P high-definition formats, and each channel of video monitoring can be independent 24 Hours of uninterrupted video recording, information storage reaches 30 days.

The school security department is organizing someone to gradually introduce the information signals of each group of the original campus monitoring system to the new monitoring and commanding platform, upgrade the old analog equipment that cannot introduce signals, and plan to invest more than 2 million yuan in the implementation of the safe campus. The construction phase I project has also entered the bidding phase. The upgraded campus digital surveillance system will basically realize full coverage of campus security monitoring. The “one center and two systems” of campus grid management (ie, grid management supervision and command center, grid-based basic information system, and rapid response The disposal system will also be basically built.

Campus Monitoring: An Important Component of a Smart City

With the popularization of smart cities and safe communities, monitoring equipment as an important component of smart cities has been radiating to public places such as traffic, communities, schools, and hospitals. The popularization of monitoring equipment in schools can ensure the safety of students to the greatest extent. For example, all 96 school buses in the Central School of Guli, Xin'an Town, Deqing County have installed real-time monitoring systems, and there are no security incidents in six years. In order to effectively solve the school cafeteria health problems, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province opened the "sunshine kitchen" activities, in each school cafeteria operation room installed surveillance cameras, parents can see through the display monitor live, market monitoring departments can view the monitor in real time in the background . At present, most schools have installed monitoring equipment, and gradually began to spread to various school districts.

In the “National New Urbanization Plan (2014~2020)” issued by the State Council, smart cities have been explicitly included in the plan. The plan clearly calls for promoting the construction of smart cities, making overall plans for the use of material resources, information resources and intellectual resources for urban development, and promoting the innovative application of new generation information technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data. One of the important tasks of a smart city is to provide real-time monitoring of urban traffic, security, health, and pollution data, and provide decision makers with the most scientific decision-making basis. Campus monitoring is the use of monitoring equipment to carry out full-scale, full-HD video three-dimensional management and monitoring of school premises, a comprehensive and effective "backup" of topics such as parental relations, students' school life and so on.

It has been five years since the country proposed the concept of a smart city. Statistics from relevant statistics show that currently there are more than 500 cities in China that are piloting smart cities, and the planned investment is over trillion yuan. The government work report in 2015 clearly stated that we must improve the level of urban planning and construction and develop smart cities. It can be predicted that smart cities in China will surely usher in an ever-widening development prospect. The construction of smart cities is increasingly focusing on the people’s livelihood. It focuses on the areas of people’s livelihood that are urgently needed by the people, such as smart healthcare, smart social security, smart transportation, smart disaster prevention, smart communities, and smart campuses. Smart campus covers a wide range of topics, including office system intelligence, information intelligence, and management functions. Taking monitoring equipment as an example, campus monitoring can play a role in security. Monitoring can be performed at gates, and personnel and vehicles entering and leaving the school gate can be recorded and counted, which can be easily tracked and queried afterwards. Monitoring of teaching areas is used to monitor teaching order and teaching staff, and Video recording of emergencies and improving the ability to handle emergencies. Monitoring in dormitory areas will protect the students’ personal and property from infringement, etc Learning environment.

In short, the development of smart cities cannot be separated from the support of intelligence. To ensure the safety of the campus, campus monitoring must be emphasized, so as to ensure a smart campus, and the development of smart cities is always ahead.

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