The process of second-hand housing renovation is not the same as that of a new house, so today we will give you the problem of the second-hand house decoration process. Step one: Prepare the tool Before the renovation, you must first prepare the following tools: tape measure, calculator, and various clips to collect important documents such as documents. You must also prepare old towels to clean the tiles. These tools must be prepared in advance, otherwise it will be too late to wait! As the saying goes, it's the truth that the sharpening knife does not mistakenly cut the firewood engineer.
Step 2: Demolition of the main structure of the house For the second-hand housing, the main demolition reform is an indispensable process. The contents of the demolition and reform mainly include wall and wall replacement windows and doors. During this process, we must pay attention to timely clean up the garbage caused by the demolition reform, otherwise it may be Will affect the later construction. When the main body of the workers in the demolition reform, the owner can take advantage of this time to buy a good home cabinet, hood and other home appliances. Step 3: Rehabilitation of hydropower The hydropower reform of second-hand housing is the most indispensable step in the renovation. The hydropower reform must be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations, and a slight difference may lead to serious safety hazards. Before the hydropower reform, it is necessary to determine the installation position of various electrical appliances in the home in advance so as to reserve the power interface during the hydropower reform. Step 4: Water pipe Bathrooms and kitchens are the places with the most moisture in the family. We must be careful about the choice of material for the water pipes in the wet areas. The light steel keels that are relatively common in the market are a good choice. One thing to note is that the maintenance port must be reserved when filling the water pipe, otherwise it will cause troubles for later maintenance. Step 5: Tile Laying Tiles must be soaked in water before paving, must calculate the amount before paving, bathroom tiles must be reserved before the paving position of the floor drain. Step 6: Brushing Brush painting is the most important procedure for second-hand house decoration. Brush painting is generally divided into leveling, sanding, and roller brushing. As for the later effects of brush painting, it depends entirely on the painter's skill. Generally when buying paint, the selected color is better than the first color of the color card. This is the process of renovation of the hand room. After listening to Xiao Bian's description, isn't it suddenly clear?

Second-hand housing renovation second-hand housing renovation

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