In addition to the tensile strength performance index, the toughness index of the steel wire is mainly the torsion property. The wire surface should not be cracked during the torsion test, and the section is flat after the test. The toughness of the steel wire depends not only on the production process, but also on the inherent quality of the wire. For example, the non-metallic inclusions of the wire will seriously affect the mechanical properties of the wire. The surface fold, rolling marks, bumping and severe corrosion of the wire will affect the quality of the product; the chemical composition of the wire (especially the carbon content) should be as uniform as possible. The sulfur and phosphorus content should also be strictly controlled. In the production, the wires should be grouped and different production processes should be developed. Heat treatment requirements The high strength and high toughness of the steel wire are obtained by lead quenching treatment, obtaining a uniform sorbite structure, and then subjected to cold working of high temperature deformation. The steel wire lead quenching treatment is to heat the steel wire to a temperature above AC3 and keep it for a certain period of time to obtain uniform austenite, and then control the cooling to decompose the austenite into sorbite. In the continuous sootite treatment of the strand, the heating temperature of the steel wire is usually taken at a relatively high temperature, that is, AC 310-20 ° C. The main purpose is that the higher linear temperature accelerates the growth of austenite and increases the austenite stability, so that the austenite can be decomposed close to isothermal upon subsequent cooling, so that a uniform soxite structure can be obtained. . However, it should also be noted that excessive heating temperatures can cause surface decarburization defects in high carbon steel wires. At the same time, the carbon content is high and the austenite stability is large. Therefore, when a higher line temperature process is adopted, the treatment speed should be appropriately slowed to ensure that the austenite is completely decomposed in the lead bath. Proper selection of the lead bath temperature is an important condition for obtaining uniform sorbite after the steel wire is quenched. Lead quenching is to supercool austenite, that is, isothermal transformation into a uniform sorbite structure in a lead bath, and the choice of lead bath temperature is mainly determined by the carbon content, the diameter of the steel wire, and the temperature effect of the lead bath. The microstructure of the steel wire after quenching (the size of the pearlite layer spacing and the number of pre-eutectoid irons) ultimately affects the mechanical properties of the finished steel wire.

Pulling requires that when drawing, the wire blank with high total compression ratio, multi-pass, and small part of the finished product must be subjected to lead quenching treatment, carbon bomb compression rate production process, and reasonable drawing route and try to Improve the drawing conditions to achieve. There are strict requirements on drawing equipment, cooling conditions, lubrication conditions, geometry and quality of various parts of the mold. It should be emphasized that if the cooling conditions are not good, the steel wire will heat up and heat up, which will promote the strain aging and cause the steel wire to be hard and brittle. The flatness of the steel wire is related to the quality of the mold and the state of the mold base, especially the pull-out stress after drawing. When drawing, a suitable straightener should be installed at the exit of the finished product to eliminate the drawing stress as much as possible to ensure the finished product. The wire is well flat (full). The immersion oil requires the immersion oil temperature to be sensitive to the aging of the spring steel wire. The irrational oil immersion process will cause the aging effect to be hard and brittle, so a reasonable oil immersion process should be established.

Gun Drills   with its ability to machine very straight deep holes and hold excellent finishes, was originally developed for gun barrel manufacturing. Today, this drill is designed for deep hole drilling in virtually any material.

The gundrill requires high-pressure coolant through the tool, keeping the cutting edges lubricated and providing adequate chip evacuation down the flute channel.  OPT gun drills product line diameter range is .039" [1.00mm] through 1.500" [38.10mm] as a solid carbide head.

Larger diameter tools are available using a brazed inserted blade design. All gundrills can be made to any specific length. Lengths over 72" [1828 mm] will have an additional weld joint in the body of the tool.

The gundrill is designed to drill holes from solid material, and can produce bottom hole configurations, and minimize burr at intersections. The gundrill can achieve precision holes in one pass thus eliminating the need for secondary passes, and is a tool for consistent hole-to-hole reproduction.

Flexible in order quantity:

Samples can be provided before mass production, and MOQ can be discussed accordingly.


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