1. To be symptomatic: There are many varieties of plant growth regulators with different effects. Some can stimulate plant growth, break the dormancy of crop seeds and organs, promote germination, and increase fruit set rate. Some will inhibit crop growth and development, promote organ aging or shedding, dormancy, inhibition of germination. Some can promote fruit ripening, promote the formation of female flowers, some promote growth at low concentrations, moderate concentration inhibit growth, high concentration can kill plants, etc., must be clear before use, according to needs, can not be " Indiscriminately, in order to prevent losses.

2. Moderate dosage: The plant growth regulator is used at a very low concentration and should be accurately prepared as required. If you need to use the low concentration multiple times, you must not use it at a high concentration. Strictly prevent any concentration increase or carelessness to make the wrong concentration.

3. Timely use: The timing of the use period has a great impact on the effect. When it is not suitable, it will often be invalid or have a negative effect. For example, spraying 100-200ppm of ethephon 7-9 days before the ripening of watermelon can make the watermelon prematurely mature for 3-4 days. Early application affects the yield and quality, and it does not work too late. In order to prevent wheat from lodging, it is advisable to spray chlormequat at the beginning of jointing; it is advisable to spray 920 to 10 leaves for the purpose of promoting lettuce yield increase.

4. To improve the use of technology: First, according to the different characteristics of different varieties, use different dilution methods. For example, chlormequat can be diluted directly with water, while naphthaleneacetic acid needs to be first dissolved in concentrated alkali water, and then diluted with water. The 902 is dissolved in 95% alcohol and diluted with water. Need to be clear before use, strictly control the use. The second is to use it according to the seasonal temperature. For example, in summer, the high temperature is sprayed after about 9:00 am and about 4 pm after the dew is dry. From late autumn to early spring, the temperature is low, so it is better to spray at noon. Another example is to use tomato spirit to prevent tomato from falling and falling. When the temperature is 15-20 °C, the concentration is 30-40ppm. When the temperature is 20-25 °C, the concentration should be reduced to 30-25ppm. The third is to pay attention to reasonable mixing. Some hormones have complementary effects with each other and can be used in combination to improve the effect. For example, the mixture of 50ppm 920 and 12ppm 2,4-D is sprayed as citrus preserved fruit, and the effect is multiplied. However, some hormones have antagonistic effects, and mixing is harmful. Fourth, some hormones have synergistic effects with certain insecticides and chemical fertilizer solutions. However, acid hormones should not be mixed with alkaline pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and vice versa.

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