In this stressful living environment, we must learn to relax ourselves and have fun in busy work. Because of the pressure, we need to pay attention when we decorate the office. It is very important to make people feel warm and comfortable. In this way, the work efficiency will also be improved. What are the characteristics of the Nordic style office decoration and the precautions for the decoration? Let's introduce you to the small series of the decoration home network below.


First, the Nordic style office features

1. The color of the Nordic-style main-tone wall can be light gray (gray color gamut is wide) or white, and the partial wall surface is made of contrasting wood or color. The fabric also has distinctive features, such as blue. Thick cloth and plaid fabric. The wood-colored picture frame and the abstract painting with high color purity are more harmonious, and the simple and modern style is simple and practical. Health, simplicity, quietness and comfort are its main features.

2, Nordic style without pattern and pattern decoration Whether in Nordic style architecture, or in the interior design of the Nordic style, it is the interior of the roof, wall, floor three sides, completely without patterns and patterns, only with lines, Color blocks to distinguish between embellishments. We can see in the above picture that there is almost no ceiling in the Nordic minimalist style of home decoration design, that is, white wall and white roof. The lines are smooth and simple, and the color blocks are very simple. Give people a feeling of being away from the city.

3, Nordic style furniture design In the Nordic style of furniture design, the production of Nordic furniture without the use of carved, decorative, in fact, the furniture products are also in various forms. If they have something in common, it must be concise, direct, functional and close to nature. A quiet Nordic style is not a confusing design. As long as the Nordic furniture is made of wooden furniture without any paint processing, it reflects the simplicity of the logs.


Second, Nordic style office decoration points

1. In the whole office decoration, we must pay attention to the design of order sense. The fundamental purpose of office construction is to facilitate the work of office workers and improve work efficiency. Therefore, office decoration needs to be convenient for everyone to communicate with each other, and at the same time it is neat and tidy. Generous, beautiful, well-organized office design and decoration.

2, in the office decoration precautions, color matching is extremely important, the office requires a lively working environment, but also requires a serious working atmosphere, so the overall color control in the office is crucial, and can not be ignored, suitable Color matching not only gives the staff a comfortable mood, but also can match the lighting, thus enhancing the lighting in the office room, giving a bright feeling.

3. The office is a public place. Everyone is in the work for a long time, and the nerves are tight. Therefore, the office decoration materials should be green and environmentally friendly, and will not release pollutants, protect the health of the staff, and create a fresh and natural atmosphere for everyone. The working environment, thus further alleviating the stress of everyone's work.

The office, as its name suggests, is the place to work, so how can we relax the office decoration? Through the introduction of the above small series, we also understand the characteristics and precautions of the Nordic style office decoration. If you want to know more about decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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