Avoid getting wet

In a very humid environment, local mahogany crafts will grow "hair". For example, the green sandal crafts will spit out the white silk. In a too boring environment, some of the mahogany crafts may be partially cracked. Moreover, the level of life and death of today is much higher than in the past. The simplest is life in the north, heating in the winter, and air conditioning in the summer. Therefore, we must pay attention to the mahogany crafts do not blow directly against the air conditioning. Also don't put it on the left side of the radiator.

Avoid fire and avoid water

Redwood crafts should not be placed near the open flame, fire wall, fire, and stove. It is not advisable to wipe with a towel with water. It is better to wipe it with a waxy or greased cotton towel.

Avoid sun exposure

Redwood crafts are like people, exposure. It is easy to "heatstroke", so when placed, you should be consciously pay attention, especially not to put them in the window.

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