When we decorate the house, there are feng shui problems. Some houses are not angled. This kind of house is very bad. The house is the most taboo, but some houses will be knife-type. must be resolved, then the knife-type bedroom feng shui methods are there to resolve that? knife-type bedroom that how fitting it? Xiao Bian below the decoration of the home network come to tell you about it.


First, the knife-type bedroom Feng Shui solution method

1. The defect of the knife type in the wind and water is mainly the lack of angle, that is, there is a position where the opening is vacant, and the whole unit is not completely closed. The lack of angles can easily lead to the invasion of evil spirits and the leakage of internal welfare. In response to this problem, the small partners can use the method of corner-filling to place some favorable feng shui devices or mascots in the corners.

2. The main orientation, the east is the earthquake, the five elements are wood, the color is green, and the oriental corner can be placed on the wooden rabbit auspicious. The West is the redemption, the five elements are gold, the white color, and the western corner can be placed with metal chicken. The south is separated, the five elements are fire, the color is red, and the southern corners can be placed with copper horses. The north is the ridge, the five elements are water, the color is black, and the northern corner can be placed with the 馗 馗 馗 mascot or the hang of a hundred sons and grandchildren.

3. Other orientations, the northwest is dry, the five elements are gold, white, and the northwest corner can be placed with metal dogs or ceramic pigs. The southwest is Kun, the five elements belong to the earth, the color is yellow, and the southwest corner can be placed with ceramic sheep or monkey mascot. The northeast is a scorpion, the five elements are earthy, the color is yellow, and the northeast corner can be placed with cats and tiger mascots. The southeast is a dragonfly, the five rows are wood, the color blue, and the southeast corner can be hung dragon painting, wood or ceramic dragon.


Second, how to decorate the knife-type bedroom

1. The ceiling surrounded by white gypsum board, with the floor covered with beige bricks, creates a warm and romantic atmosphere. The soft white soft pack double bed bedding is spread on a brown solid wood bed, and the bedside wall is designed with a water-patterned wood-carved design, like layers of waves, giving a smooth and tumbling feeling all the time. The red lamp holder is fitted with a beige table lamp and placed on a brown solid wood bedside table. The choice of curtains in the bedroom is black and brown, making the bedroom look calm and quiet.

2. Camel composite wood flooring, with gray non-woven wallpaper posted on the wall, bringing a dim and soft bedroom atmosphere, let us enter a quiet sleep dream. A soft, earthy bed with a reddish-brown print bed. The integrated structure of the bedside table and the desk, the desk is inverted L shape, with the quartz stone simple style partition, which brings a very simple and capable temperament. The design of the brown louvered window curtain adds a touch of mind to the grey background wall. The wall-mounted air conditioner is installed in the upper right corner of the bedside wall, and the installation location is just right.

Some houses are of the knife type. Such houses need attention when they are renovated. There are many feng shui problems. How to solve the problem of feng shui in the knife-type bedroom and how to decorate it. Everyone knows about these through the introduction of the above series. Well, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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