Solution: Expanding the rest area

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Scenario 1 Lounge across the kitchen

If your home's kitchen is large enough, you can choose a professional custom cabinet that gives the kitchen more space. For example, you can use the cabinet as your display stand and put your own precious collection inside. A small dining table can be set up at the junction with the island, where you can share food with your family, and the sofa by the window is for the purpose of entertaining more friends.

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Solution 2 Creating a romantic corner

If your home kitchen just has a corner, you should make good use of it. Find a simple table to serve as a dining table, and put two chairs and remodeled sofas on both sides of the table. A rest area will be completed. It can satisfy you to rest or read a newspaper, or share a candlelight dinner with your loved one.

Option 3 enjoy family warm meals

Place a romantic area like a restaurant in the kitchen near the window sill. In the morning, sit comfortably on the sofa and enjoy breakfast in the sunny kitchen. At night, enjoy a romantic dinner under the warmth of the chandelier. In addition, you can usually read books here.

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Sodium Humate is made by Humic Acid and sodium hydroxide,generally it's used as Feed Additive for different animals,it's also widely used for industry.

For animal use,sodium humate has the following important function:

1.Build up health,improve immunity and meat quality,reduce mortality about 60%.

2.Promote growth,increase the weight around 10%.

3.Increase utilization rate of poultry feed.

4.Control ammonia&nitrogen,reduce odour caused by excrement and urine,improve the environment for aminal.

5.If used for chicken feed additive,it can help to increase laying rate 8-15%.

6.Complex with the trace elements in feed,promote the absorption and utilization of trace elements,reduce the influence of heavy metals on feed.

Sodium Humate For Animal

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