Recently, solar photovoltaic system developer and independent power operator Tianhua Sunshine announced that the company has reached an agreement with a city in Latin America to build a solar photovoltaic power station in the region in the next year. The achievement of this agreement marks China's photovoltaic national industry, which is gradually jumping out of the single-market pattern dominated by Europe and gaining a foothold in emerging markets such as Latin America.

All along, the main markets of China's photovoltaic industry are concentrated in Europe, mainly Germany and Spain. As countries continue to reduce government subsidies for the photovoltaic industry and the global rise of new energy economies, Chinese companies have begun to open up new markets. In recent years, the Latin American new energy market has developed rapidly. Currently, in Latin America, two-thirds of the countries have established clean development mechanisms, and one-third have developed renewable energy development strategies. According to estimates by the International Energy Agency, the energy generation capacity of Latin America will need to increase by 26% in the next 10 years. The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America estimates that by 2030, the total investment demand of the power sector in Latin America will reach 719 billion US dollars. China, a major exporter of solar PV modules in the world, is expected to become the protagonist of the new energy market in Latin America in the future.

It is reported that Tianhua Sunshine's successful hand-holding area is a key city for new energy development in Latin America. The PV power plant project is expected to have an installed capacity of approximately 3 MW. The investment per 1MW of equipment is about 10 million reais, which can meet the residential power supply of 1,500 households.

Chen Hong, head of business development at Tianhua Sunshine Group, said: “The city has abundant sunshine and abundant solar energy resources. It is an ideal area for building solar photovoltaic power plants. We are very optimistic about the prospects of this solar photovoltaic power plant project.” In the future Within 12 months, Tianhua Sunshine will complete the planning, design and construction of the city's solar photovoltaic power station.

As we all know, although China has become an important exporter of solar photovoltaic modules in the world, there are always industrial chain faults in the development of photovoltaic systems and power operations. Tianhua Sunshine Group is a group company founded by Chinese people, and it is one of the few in China. The development of photovoltaic systems and independent power operators have always hoped to promote the upgrade of the domestic solar photovoltaic industry chain through their own development. This entry into the Latin American market is not only a strategic move of the group, but also a clarion call for the Latin American war of the solar national industry. .

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