1. Brief introduction of the status quo of the world lock industry and China's lock industry

With the development of global intelligence, the demand for China's hardcover houses is growing, traditional door locks can no longer meet the needs of consumers, consumers are more interested in new smart locks, compared to the smart lock industry in Europe and Japan and South Korea, China The smart lock industry has only started to develop in the past few decades, and the number of production companies has grown from the first few to the current hundreds. According to relevant statistics, as of 2017, the value of China's smart locks has far exceeded that of the day. Han even exceeded Europe.

2. Development status and market analysis of smart locks

With the rapid development of the information industry, the technology of smart lock related technology is growing and mature, and with the rise of microelectronic technology and biometric technology, it has risen to a new height. At present, voice locks have appeared. A series of smart locks such as infrared locks, electronic card locks, fingerprint locks, and password locks, which generally have high security performance and security that are unmatched by mechanical structures. Therefore, the convenience, fashion and safety of smart locks are gradually gaining recognition from mid- to high-end consumers.

At present, the top 20 smart lock companies basically account for about 60% of the industry's sales. Among them, Jiubang Smart Lock is a well-known brand in China today.

Jiubang - the new star of the smart lock industry

The total output value of the national lock industry has reached more than 60 billion yuan, of which the total output value of the intelligent door lock industry is only about 6 billion yuan. Traditional mechanical locks still occupy most of the market share, and smart door locks have not yet fully entered the family. For ordinary consumers, their awareness of smart locks is still not high, in the adaptation stage, with Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States smart locks Compared with the civilian lock market, China's market share is 2%. It is expected that the next few years will be a rapid period for China's smart lock market share, which is a very rare opportunity for Jiubang.

3. Introduction of Jiubang and its future development prospects

Hong Kong Jiubang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a brand enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. The company has always focused on the development and application of intelligent control systems and intelligent identification technologies and supporting software systems. Smart lock products. The company brings together technicians and management elites with many years of industry experience. It is a modern enterprise with strong strength, advanced management and first-class product quality. It has passed ISO9001, quality management system certification and “security” certification. It is a brand new enterprise. . In addition, the company responded to the call for building an environmentally-friendly society today, taking the lead in introducing advanced locksmithing technology and technology from the United States and Germany, utilizing local resource advantages and rational scientific integration to make the products produced by the company "environmentally friendly, anti-theft, safe and private." Features.

Jiubang - the new star of the smart lock industry

The current market situation is a very good opportunity for the development of the smart lock industry, and China's smart locks account for a small proportion, mainly because the public does not know enough about smart locks. Therefore, Jiubang wants to pass some information to the mass market. Let consumers think from the security of the mechanical lock era to the security of the intelligent era, through active security to solve the passive unsolvable security. In addition, Jiubang always walks in the forefront of the times in technology, and achieves accurate identification. Consumers fully understand the fashion, convenience and safety of Jiubang smart locks, and rely on the brand of Jiubang. Over time, Jiubang Ding Can occupy a larger share of the market.

4, summary

Although China's smart lock industry started late, and its market share is still small, but this is relatively a potential development space for Jiubang smart lock. Jiubang has a professional team, independent research and development products, from design to internal structure processing, as well as mold design, mold production, etc., and has a dedicated die-casting factory, mature production technology, product quality is guaranteed, as long as there is excellent production technology and Do a good job of consumer psychological guidance, completely solve their concerns about products, Jiubang must become the leader of the smart lock industry.

Editor in charge: Zhou Lingling

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