The ancient temples and Taoist temples were built in the deep forest jungles, often backed by Castle Peak, facing green water, and were considered by the public as "fengshui treasure lands." Nowadays, many people choose the type of apartment that faces the south when they are purchasing buildings. Does the feng shui of the south-facing house look particularly good? The following small series briefly introduces the feng shui of the house facing south .

Why do you like to sit south of the house

1. The house facing south to the north is formerly known as the main house. It is because this house is cool in winter and cool in summer and full of light. Even in winter, the sunlight can shine into the depths of the room, making it bright and warm. feel. As soon as you enter the house, you will feel very comfortable. Moreover, in this kind of sitting house, in the summer, when the sun rises near the top of the head, the house is also not exposed to strong sunlight. In addition, the southeast wind can also be blown into the house through the window and portal, making people feel cool and comfortable. Therefore, Chinese people are willing to live in the North Room, that is, the room facing south.

2. Before China, the main foreign troubles were all from the north. Therefore, in the psychological aspect of the Chinese people, there is always the need to beware of the North’s psychology. This kind of latent, subconscious mental threat gradually opens the door to the North. This creates a psychological burden. Therefore, the Chinese people do not want to sit in a south-facing house in the south. There are reasons for this. Moreover, if you open the door to the "North" and your arrival in winter, your front door will be affected by the north wind. Therefore, it is also another factor that does not open the "North" door.

· The houses in Xiangyang are facing south

This is true for most of China, and from the perspective of the world, this argument is wrong. Because for different regions, the orientation of the sun in the sky is not the same. If we want to clarify this issue, we must start from the earth's revolution.

We all know that when the earth revolves around the sun, it is inclined to walk. Because of this, when you look at the sun from the earth, you will find the position of the sun in the sky, and constantly change, and you The location has not changed. Therefore, from this point, we can know that in different regions, the intensity of sunlight that is exposed to the sun is also different, so it is not south-facing houses that are all sunny.

The direct point of the sun only moves back and forth around the equator, and the northernmost point can only reach twenty-seven degrees north and twenty-seventh, which is what we call the "North Tropic of Cancer." The southward movement can only reach 23 degrees 27 degrees south latitude, which is the so-called "Strait of the South."

Therefore, in the area north of the "North Tropic of Cancer," the sun is unlikely to reach the top of the head. Therefore, the sun is always hung in the sky to the south. The vast majority of China’s territory is north of the Tropic of Cancer. Because of this, in China, the houses facing Xiangyang are all facing south.

In the summer solstice every year, the sun goes direct to the "Negotiable Tropic of Cancer." However, once the winter solstice arrives, the sun goes to the "tropical line." Therefore, throughout the year, the sun's direct point always moves between the Tropics of the South and the Tropics. In this region between the Tropics of the South and the Tropics, the sun passes twice a year overhead, and the sun is sometimes on the southern sky. After a while, it will go to the north of the sky.

·The houses in Xiangyang are not all south facing

In southern China, such as Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, and Taiwan and other provinces and regions, it is south of the Tropic of Cancer. Therefore, when the sun hits the area around the Tropic of Cancer before and after the summer solstice, the sun's light will shoot from the northern sky. Therefore, the houses facing south in this area do not turn sunny, but the houses facing north are sunny. Therefore, from the scope of the world: "The houses in Xiangyang are facing south." This sentence is wrong. The reason is here.

Information on Feng Shui in the south facing the south has been introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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