Pesticides are the main method to control pests, but how to use pesticides, how to use pesticides reasonably and effectively is the primary problem facing the farmers. When applying pesticides, the appropriate method should be selected according to the type and characteristics of the pests, the occurrence period of the pests, the site conditions, the target of the damage, and the dosage form of the pesticide. Jujube tree pest control, the following methods are used:
(1) Spray method: Generally, for emulsions and wettable powders, emulsions of appropriate concentration should be formulated and sprayed with a spray tool. Ultra low volume spray, spray directly without water.
(2) Spraying method: Spray the powder pesticide directly onto the jujube tree by hand or with a duster.
(3) Decommissioning method: It is one of the methods to control underground pests; it combines land preparation to spread pesticides on the surface, ploughing and killing underground pests.
(4) Splashing method: It is one of the methods for controlling underground pests in nursery. In order to prevent the germination of small seedlings on the ground, this method is adopted and no-till is used to control underground pests.
(5) fumigation method; used for pest control in fruit banks and warehouses.
(6) Seed dressing method: it is used for disinfection of seeds and elimination of underground pests after sowing. The method is to mix the pesticide with the seed in a certain proportion, mix well and then sown.

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