For a family of three or just married, a 90-square-meter house is a good choice, and the space is still sufficient. We need to be careful about such a house design. If you want to design a reasonable space, then a 90-square-meter house. How to decorate ? The budget of the house decoration is what we need to know in advance? Then let me introduce you to the small series of the decoration home network.


How to decorate a 90 square meter house

1. Decoration method. There are three types of decoration methods: all-inclusive, half-package, and clearing. Half of the 90 square meters renovation budget is about 40,000 to 60,000. If you choose all-inclusive, the price will be much more expensive than the half-pack. If you clear the package, you only need to pay the construction party a construction fee of 200 to 400 days. It depends mainly on how many renovation projects the owner has, and the length of the construction period is also determined by the project.

2. The degree of sophistication of the decoration. Simple decoration, 90 square meters decoration budget is about 30,000 to 50,000; medium decoration, budget is 50,000 to 80,000; and high decoration, budget will reach 80,000 to 150,000; luxury decoration budget is higher .

3, the color of the living room four walls is yellow wall paint, fresh orange wall paint, orange small lattice wallpaper, yellow small shelf, there is a warm color gradient, fashion, echoing this change, the color of the hanging painting on the living room wall is Yellow, yellow green, green changes. The light coffee color sofa is relatively low-key, because the color of the restaurant next to the sofa is too eye-catching, so deliberately choose the ordinary sofa, simple style coffee table. The TV wall uses only simple black and white simple wall stickers, which is very vivid.


Second, the house renovation budget

1. Tile: budget 6000-10000 yuan

There are places where tiles can be used at home: the guest restaurant, as well as the kitchen and bathroom wall. You can calculate the amount and loss based on the size of your home and the design. Quantitative purchases to the market. Tile merchants generally promise to pay more and less.

2. Floor: budget 6000-10000 yuan

The floor can also be used in advance according to the room area. It should be noted that the floor transportation is free, and the installation cost needs to be calculated separately. Generally, the market in Hangzhou is 40-60 yuan/square meter. In addition, the baseboard, beading, and insect repellent of the floor need to be purchased separately.

3. Sanitary ware: budget 6000-10000 yuan

There are several major items in the bathroom: bathtub, shower, basin, toilet, bidet, shower, faucet and other hardware. There are also a wide variety of products on the market, and the prices vary widely. For the first-time home buyers, they do not have to insist on the first-line big-name products. The second- and third-line brand sanitary wares purchased in the formal market can also meet the demand.

Whether it is a big house or a small house, as long as the reasonable design can meet our requirements, then how to renovate the 90 square meter house and the budget of the house decoration, the owners of the renovated house also understand through the introduction of the small series, then if If you want to know more about decoration, please stay tuned to the decoration home.

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