For the healthy growth of children, parents often do their best, and many families decorate children's rooms like the world inside fairy tales. If there are two children in the family or the mother and the child are sleeping together, the parents will choose a double bed . Some friends want to know the situation of solid wood double-layer, today, the furniture network Xiaobian will come with everyone to see how to buy solid wood double-layer children's bed, furniture net double-layer children's bed picture Daquan double-layer children's bed price .

How to choose a double bed for children: safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly

All the children's tools, the first consideration is safety. The wooden bed of the bed should be good. The high-quality solid wood should have natural color and clear wood grain. The material is visible to the naked eye. The structure of the bed is strong and can bear the weight. There are guardrails, rounded corners and no burrs. The softness and hardness of the bed should be suitable, so that the child's sleep quality can be guaranteed; the size is reasonable, considering the size of the individual body and the arrangement of the bedroom space, the structure of the bed conforms to the principle of ergonomics; Environmental protection is also an important aspect to be aware of. Natural logs have a fragrance that is good for the human body.

Furniture net double bed children's bed picture Daquan double bed bed price one:


This double-layered children's bed picture: double-layer children's bed design is simple and clear, the lines are smooth and smooth, exquisite workmanship, environmental protection and health, advocating green home life, so that you can always feel the unique charm and style of pine furniture. The price of this double-layered cot is acceptable to the general public and is a good choice for young parents.

Furniture net double bed children's bed picture Daquan double child bed price two:


This double-decker cot is made of log-colored pine wood, and the cedar family furniture is natural, rustic and has simple wood-coloured pine furniture. It contains the essence of nature, and reproduces the true meaning of logs in a simple way, creating a leisurely and peaceful green home world. The price of the double-layer children's bed is also as beautiful as the real thing. It is definitely the first choice for home, and it is definitely worth the money.

Furniture net double bed children's bed picture Daquan double child bed price three:


The double-layered children's bed in this double-bed cot is designed for the younger generation and the fashionista. The products are designed with simple, crisp and refreshing design to reflect the distinctive lifestyle and cultural taste. “Fashion My Home” is in sync with the European fashion trend. Since its introduction to the market, it has been highly regarded by the industry for its unique style and perfect quality. This double bed is cheap and affordable, absolutely worth it!

Furniture net double bed children's bed picture Daquan double bed price four:


In the end, this double-layer children's bed picture is a double-layered children's bed. The panel furniture is a combination of rich and varied colors, free and flexible space, simple and stylish appearance, and the use of healthy and environmentally-friendly materials. The pursuit of personal taste and the need for healthy furniture layout. Its products are stylish and simple, the lines are free and unrestrained, the colors are bright and fresh, full of fashion and passion. Furniture is medium to high-end, and the natural price is also high-end. The price of double-layer children's beds is generally acceptable to the public, and it is value for money.

20W Glue Guns Features:

1. Versatile

2. Easy

3. Quick

4. Proective Nozzle Cover

5. Trigger Flow Control

6. Bonds instantly

7. High quality

8. High temperature or low temperature

9. New design

10. With switch function

Idea for many applications. Fastening various materials such as paper, cardboard, fabric,wood, lace,trims,leather,metal,glass, tiles, rubber, ceramics and flooring etc.Ideal for hobby and household repair,DIY&craft projects.

Designed and manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure a robust and long life, we hope it provides you with many years of trouble-free, safe and reliable service.

Important Caution:

1. Before use the glue gun, check if the plug cord into electrical outlet properly;

2. When glue gun in first use, the heating element will have small smoke, it is normal situation, but the smoke will disappeared after 10 minutes;

3. After power, not for a long time in standby mode(not longer for 20 minutes), when the suspension of use, unplug first.

4. Avoid to use the glue gun under very hot or very cold environments.

5. Better not work under direct cold wind blowing, it will reduce efficiency and loss power

6. When in continuous using, do not press the trigger with great pressure, and try to squeeze out the un-melted glue, it would damage the glue gun

7. Not applicable for bonding heavy objects or objects needed strong adhesive

8. The quality of glue stick will directly influence the glue gun function and sticking objects quality;

9. If the power cord is damaged, do not replace it by yourself, must ask for professionals to replace it.

10. This tools must b e placed in its position when not in use. And storage before the tools complete cooled.

11. Be careful when using any other electrical appliance with flammable material.

12. Not applicable for a long time in the same place.

13. Do not use an explosive gas atmospheres.

14. Note that heat may be the line of sigh, combustible materials.

15. Do not leave equipment unattended when switched on.

16. This appliance is not intended for use by persons(including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

17. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

Using methods

1. Glue gun using voltage is 110-220V AC,50/60Hz;

2. Tip gun forward on stand and place a piece of cardboard under the nozzle

3. Use 7-8mm (mini trigger glue gun), 11-12(big trigger glue gun), insert glue sticks through
tunnel at back of gun

4. After power, wait for 5-10 minutes to allow glue to soften

After glue softens, squeeze trigger to feed glue through glue barrel. Excessive force will damage glue gun. Put down nozzle after work, disconnect the power plug

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