Peanut planting technology:

First, the planting technique of peanuts:

1. The sowing date of peanuts. The sowing period of peanuts must be mastered. In the spring, the ground temperature must reach 12 degrees to be sown. If it is covered with plastic film, it can be about one week earlier.

2. The seeding density and mode of peanuts.

General ridges: the ridge distance reaches 13-17cm, the ridge distance is 50cm, and it should reach 120,000-150,000 holes/ha, and two seeds are planted per hole.

Covering the mulch film: one line and two lines, the line spacing should reach 40cm, the hole spacing should reach 13-17cm, two holes per hole, reaching the standard of 120,000-150,000/ha.

Second, the field management of peanut planting technology

Ridge cultivation

1. Clear seedlings: Clear seedlings are waiting until the peanut seedlings are basically out. After removing the surrounding weeds, push the soil slightly and let the peanut leaves out of the ground. Be sure to pay attention to the slowness and not hurt the peanuts. The roots of the seedlings are filled with soil for about 15 days after clearing the trees.

2. Intercropping and weeding: cultivating weeding in the seedling stage, the sapling stage and the flowering stage of peanut. When weeding, we must master the principle of “light, deep, shallow”. Weeding should pay attention to the soil pressure to peanut seedlings, and pay special attention to the flowering period to prevent damage to the fruit needle.

3. Soil: The soil should be cultivated about 15 days after the flowering of the peanuts. The soil should not be too thick, and it should be 3cm.

Third, the cultivation of peanut cultivation techniques

When the film is broken or the cover is incomplete, it is necessary to pay attention to re-pressing with a new film, blocking it tightly, preventing air leakage, affecting the growth of peanuts, and when the seedlings are ruptured to reveal the true leaves, lightly by hand. Gently push the soil on the membrane to expose the leaves to the ground. If you find that the peanuts are not growing, you should make timely seeds. Before planting, you should pay attention to a cultivating and weeding. According to the growth habit of peanuts, you can spray 500 on the foliage. The first-stage topdressing fertilizer replaces the root top dressing or sprays 2-3 times 0.2%-0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate 500 times solution to promote the peanut growth of peanuts, if the drought is timely irrigation.

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