When you are obviously very hard, but can not earn money, or make money can not save money, or money is always spent inexplicably spent, and even always defrauded or stolen, etc., then you have to consider is Not feng shui and good luck. How to deal with bad feng shui ? The following small series briefly introduces how to pay attention to the bad feng shui wealth .

1, too many mirrors at home

The mirror is so sinister that there aren't too many mirrors in the house, or things that are wicked will be much better. The most terrible thing is to exhaust all the property. The mirrors represent illusions, flashy, a completely unreal picture. If there are too many mirrors, you are very fond of spending money, wasting money for the pursuit of vanity. If this is the case, it is of course necessary to withdraw some unnecessary mirrors. The mirror in the room can't even face the bed. Otherwise it will not only make bad money, but also affect the couple's feelings. If you can't withdraw, then the mirror should be covered with a cloth when not in use.

2, on the three sides of the couple bed

The bedroom is a dark place, the bedroom bed is laid out, one is best against the wall, and the worst is against the wall on three sides. There will be a feeling of being imprisoned on three sides of the wall, and the financial resources are abundant. Of course, they cannot be imprisoned.

3, magnetic brick bedroom

Keep away from the tiles, such as affixing ceramic tiles, and the tiles appear to fall off. This will bring bad fortune to the family and even cause damage.

4, the river passes through the house

Housing must not be built on rivers. From a feng shui perspective, the flowing water represents a fortune. If this is the case, besides moving or rebuilding, there is no other choice. Placing copper gourd and other feng shui objects can provide some relief, but it cannot fundamentally solve this feng shui problem.

5, throw away the broken stove, rice cooker

If the pot is thrown away, it will never be filled, and the God of Wealth will suspect you because you will throw away the pot, throw it away, and cannot complain to others. Then, how to deal with broken stoves and rice cookers?

Information on how to do good feng shui and financial affairs is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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