If it is a newly purchased rough house, it is likely to be a rough cement wall without any treatment. In order to easily decorate the wall, can the cement wall stick wallpaper? How to decorate the cement wall ? Everyone may have such questions when directly decorating cement walls. But don't worry, in order to help users solve the question of how to decorate the cement wall , the following has made a detailed introduction. If your family needs this, you must not miss the introduction of the following wonderful content!

How do we decorate the hard cement walls? If you are doing latex paint, then you have to do it. Wall decoration is also considered part of the overall renovation of home improvement. If everyone does not want to spend so much effort to decorate the wall, in fact, the cement wall can also do some simple processing. Industrial style design is to use the original ecological cement wall to create a special beauty if you also Like industrial style design may wish to play its own creativity.

First, how to decorate the cement wall

The wallpaper wall surface requirement is flat. Cement walls are not smooth in this province. They need to be sanded, not dust, small particles, cracks, voids, etc., otherwise they will have an effect. The best is to brush the walls with a base film to make the walls even. First, do the grass-roots level processing: use the putty to make the wall base leveling. Then choose a quality and reliable latex paint primer. Dulux's latex paint is good, as long as it is genuine, quality is guaranteed. Primer is usually enough once. Finally, the wallpaper base film is applied. After doing this, you can paste your favorite wallpaper on the wall.

The advantage of brush base film is also that it is convenient after changing the wallpaper. After the old wallpaper is torn off, the wall surface is intact. It penetrates into the base surface, making the base surface stronger and longer-lasting. It is not affected by the base surface, moisture, moisture and alkaline substances, and does not cause base flour to form.


Cement walls cannot be painted directly. Even if the wall surface feels very smooth, if the wall surface is not treated, if the paint is applied directly, cracks, peeling, and emptying will occur. And directly coating the paint may not cover the background of the cement wall. Therefore, first apply the interface agent on the cement wall, and then perform the leveling process to determine the flatness of the wall surface is less than 4mm. Finally scrape the water-resistant putty twice in batches. After painting the water-resistant putty, paint the paint just fine. Putty can cover the gray of cement.

Matters needing attention : Even cement walls that look smooth may not be directly applied to wallpaper or paint. The pursuit of convenience in the renovation can not omit the necessary procedures, otherwise it will only bring you more trouble.


Second, cement wall can paste wallpaper?

The wallpaper cannot be directly attached to the cement wall. No matter how detailed the work is done on the cement wall, it cannot stick to the wallpaper. Even if it is reluctant to paste, the seams of the wallpaper are very obvious and the visual effects are not so bad.

Third, cement wall sticker wallpaper steps:

(1) Make grassroots. Want to make the wallpaper stuck on the cement wall, of course, grassroots is indispensable. It is recommended that you use waterproof putty, so that the wallpaper will not appear from the skin, Alice and so on. Of course, two or three times of varnish should be applied on the grass-roots level so that there will be no leaking brush or run-off phenomenon.

(2) Choose the primer. Generally use latex paint as a primer, brush a layer of primer on the cement wall to avoid the influence of small particles on the cement wall.

(3) coated base film. Of course, before applying the wallpaper, you need to do a base film brush again, this will not only make the wallpaper more solid, but also effective anti-corrosion.

Edit summary: The above is how the cement wall decoration, cement wall can paste wallpaper related to the introduction, wall paste wallpaper is not only easy to decorate, decoration effect is not bad, so welcomed by many friends, especially young people. However, the cement wall cannot be directly attached to the wallpaper, and the maintenance time and effect are not good after the paste. If you want to paste wallpaper on the cement wall, you must follow the regular wallpaper process.

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