“Our province will further limit the industrial scale of alumina, and rectify or close a group of non-aluminum enterprises with bauxite as the main raw material.” Recently, the relevant person in charge of Henan Provincial Department of Land and Resources held a forum at the provincial CPPCC key proposal. Make the above statement.

At the Third Session of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee held at the beginning of this year, the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC Population and Resources and Environment Committee submitted the "Proposal on Improving Henan Bauxite Resources Strategy", which was identified as a key proposal. The proposal proposes that in 2008, the amount of bauxite ore used in Henan Province was 31.25 million tons, and the static guarantee period of 240 million tons of ore was only 7.7 years. The bauxite resources have reached the “moderate crisis” period. It is recommended to adopt advanced mining methods and equipment. The mining recovery rate must meet the mine design requirements and resolutely avoid waste. Strictly establish new access conditions for bauxite mining enterprises, and prevent the occurrence of chaotic mining, circling, not mining, destroying resources, and damaging the environment.

The relevant person in charge of the Department of Land and Resources of Henan Province said that Henan Province is currently expanding the prospecting space to increase reserves. In order to save resources, the industrial scale of alumina will be further restricted. If the self-sufficiency rate of bauxite mines of key alumina enterprises is less than 50% and the technology is backward, the relevant preferential policies and supporting measures will be abolished. At the same time, the non-aluminum industry, which uses bauxite as the main raw material, is resolutely closed for small scale, low technical content, low added value, waste of resources and environmental damage.

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