Model NO.: Solar Pv Flat Roof
Color: Natural or Customized
Surface Treatment: Hot DIP Galvanized or Andizing
Solar Panel Type: with or Without Frame
Certificate: CE;ISO9001
Alloy or No: Yes
OEM Service: Acceptable
Brand: Modraxx
Warranty: 12-25years
Trademark: Modraxx
Transport Package: Standard Packing
Origin: Shanghai
HS Code: 76109000
New Design Solar Mounting Solutions
1) Living house and home building.
2) Commercial building, factory, shopping mall, school, stadium etc.
3) Power station, field operation and some huge engineer construction.

--------Roof Solar Mounting System
1. Unmatched Durability---10 year warranty.
2. Easy To Install---The simple design and pre-assembled components ensure a quick and easy installation.
3. All Weather

Type: Roof solar mounting Kit
Installation site: According to Roof Type
Material: Aluminum6063 T3-T5;Steel
Fasten material: Aluminum
Anticorrosive: Hot-dip galvanized
Survival Wind Speed: < 60m/s 
Design Snow load: Up to 1.4KN/ Square meters
Solar panel type: Framed or Frameless
Panel Orientation: Transverse or vertical
Design Standard: CE;IOS9001
Quality warranty: 12-25 years
Duration: More than 20 years
Delivery time: 7-15 days
Package: Standard Packing

----------Ground Solar Mounting System
1. Easy To Install
2. The simple design and pre-assembled components ensure a quick and easy installation
    Unmatched Durability
3. All structure components are comprised of high quality galvanised steel and anodized aluminum alloy, they are designed for a 25 year service life and are backed by 10 year warranty.

Type: Ground Screw Solar Mounting System
Installation site: Ground
Material: Aluminum6063 T3-T5;Steel
Fasten material: Aluminum
Anticorrosive: Hot-dip galvanized
Survival Wind Speed: < 60m/s 
Design Snow load: Up to 1.4KN/ Square meters
Solar panel type: Framed or Frameless
Panel Orientation: Transverse or vertical
Design Standard: CE;IOS9001
Quality warranty: 12-25 years
Duration: More than 20 years
Delivery time: 7-15 days
Package: Standard Packing

--------Australian Standard:
AS 1170.0-2002 Structural Design Action Part 0: General Principle.AS 1170.0-2002 Structural Design Action Part 2: Wind Action.
AS 3566.1-2002 Self-drilling screws for the building and construction.
AS 3566.2-2002 Part 2:Corrosion resistance requirements.
AS 4600-2005 Cold formed Steel Structures.
ISO 3506:1-2009 Mechanical Properties of Corrosion-Resistance Stainless Steel Fastener.
--------European Standard:
BSEN 1990:2002+A1:2005
Eurocode-Basis of structural design.
BSEN 1991-1-3:2003.
Eurocode 1-Actions on structrues-Part 1-2:General actions-Snow loads.
BSEN 1991-1-4:2005.
Eurocode 1:Actions on structures-Part 1-2:General actions-Wind actions.
ModRaxx is backed standard by a 12 year guarantee. This can also be extended up to 25 years for large scale and commercial projects.
OEM Name Material Code Size
standard pan tile stainless steel,303 105-0000  
mid clamp earth washer stainless steel,303 106-0001  
earth lug earth washer stainless steel,303 106-0002  
universal mid clamp T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 300-0001 31mm to 50mm
universal mid clamp with earthing T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 300-0002 31mm to 50mm
universal end clamp T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 302-0001 50mm
rail joiner T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 303-0001 100mm
L-Bracket 6.3mm with rubber T5-5999series anodised aluminium 304-0001 40mm
L-Bracket M8mm hole T5-5999series anodised aluminium 304-0002 40mm
earthing lug 4-6mm core T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 305-0000 4mm and 6mm
T-head rail connector with nut stainless steel,303   17mm
klip-lok 700 bracket T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 314-0000 80mm
klip-lok 600 bracket T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 314-0001 80mm
klip-lok 406 bracket T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 314-0002 80mm
folded tripod tilt T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 317-0000 1200mm/10 to 30 degree
cross rail bracket assembly T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 318-0000 1200mm/30 to 60 degree
hanger bolt-L bracket- wood T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 320-0000 200mm M10
hanger bolt-L bracket- steel T5-5999series anodised aluminium,ss fixings 320-0001 200mm M10
roofing screw Carbon steel,decromat coating with EPDM seal 100-0002 Type 17 Point - 6.3mm x 75mm
steel tube front leg Galvanised steel 307-0000 700mm x 60mm
steel tube rear leg Galvanised steel 310-0001 1200mm x 60mm
steel tube cross section pipe Galvanised steel 310-0002 2500 mm/3500 mm/2700 mm/3700 mm
aluminium slot rail  T5-5999series anodised aluminium 308-0000 4000mm
Clamped Rail Piece T5-5999series anodised aluminium 308-0001 4200mm
T-pipe connector piece Galvanised steel,ss303 fixings 309-0000 7 M10 Hex Nuts
riail to cross pipe connector T5-5999series anodised aluminium 310-0000  
bottom cap piece Galvanised steel,ss303 fixings 311-0000 3 x M12 Hex screws
diagonal braces sleeve Galvanised steel,ss304 fixings 312-0000 M10 nuts and bolts
brace arm piece Galvanised steel 313-0000 40mm x 40mm

--------Company Informations:
IDO SOLAR is a professional solar engineering company specializing in the best quality solar mounting structures money can buy. IDO SOLAR was formed by a team of solar energy experts from USA, Germany and Australia with, collectively more than 25 years experience in the solar EPC industry. Modraxx other founding partner is a Chinese company with more than 30 years experience in manufacturing. This combination of partners is the cornerstone of our business and offers any potential solar customer the very best solar experience. Many years of manufacturing experience, makes Modraxx the number one solar mounting partner for both Design, Quality, and Competitive price. 
1.Our group has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing Aluminum and steel components and works strictly under 
ISO 9001 manufacturing standards with Quality always at the forefront of ModRaxx's manufacturing program. ModdRaxx will always work with our customers and our team to get the best quality products on time every time

2.IDO SOLAR has a team of engineers ready to not only assist our customer but also their customers with any solar mounting solution design whether it be a small roof or large scale utility solar farm. We have years of experience in layout design, dealing with different soil and wind conditions, and rooftop design Understanding that the most important part of solar pv solar installations is 'time', all of ourproducts are carefully designed with fast installation always in mind. Time is money and with years of experience in dealing with solar installers IDO SOLAR understands just how important it is to have a safe and reliable system that can be installed quickly and efficiently

--------Future Developments:
1. Enables easy,fast and cost-effective installation.
2. Flexible post spacing withstands different wind&snow loads.
3. High quality material in Aluminum 6005-T5 and SUS 304.
4. Highly corrosion resistant surface treatment.
5. Screws and nuts go with every componts needed.
6. Fasteners and rail nut fully configured to save extra parts purchasing.
7. Mechanical calculation and reliability tested to ensure highset product quality.
8. 12-25 years system and structural guarantee.

---Mass Productions
1.Film packaging
2.Carton packaging
3.container packing
1.Film packaging
2.Carton packaging
3.Send Express

1.What is your pv panels dimension?--------------------------------------------------------______mm Length x____mm Width x___mm Thickness
2.How many panel are you going to mount?----------------------------------------------- _______Nos.
3.What is the tilt angle?-------------------------------------------------------------------------_______degree
4.What is your planned pv assmebly block?------------------------------------------------ _______Nos. in a row
5.How is weather there,such as wind speed and snow load?---------------------------- ___m/s anit-wind speed and____KN/m2 snow load.
6.What is the height from the lowest point of the panel to the ground?----------------________mm.

--------How to order?
Buyer Send Enquiry →Get Modraxx Quotation → Order Confirmation → Buyer Arrange 30% Deposit → Production Started upon Receipt of Deposit → Strict Inspection during Production → Buyer Arrange Balance Payment → Packing → Delivery as per Trade Terms (FOB/CFR/CIF)

--------Contact Us
Add: Room 1301, NO.1855, Qixin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai. 201101

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