On February 1st, the "Ding Shuinian China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance Annual Meeting and Artificial Intelligence Annual Awards Award Ceremony" hosted by China Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance was successfully held in Beijing. Han Wang Zhiyuan was invited to participate in the event.
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The event selected and commended units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of artificial intelligence and excellent products and solutions. With its deep cultivation and continuous innovation in artificial intelligence, Hanwang Zhiyuan won two awards: “Innovative Enterprise” and “Competitive Product”.
Hanwang face recognition blacklist control system won the “Competitive Product” award. It can not only view and analyze the real-time video and activity track of the identification personnel for a period of time, but also facilitate the criminal investigation personnel to analyze, control and collect evidence of the criminal activity track; The heat map function can be provided to quickly confirm the degree of personnel gathering, so that relevant departments can quickly locate and process. At present, Hanwang's face recognition blacklist control system has been widely used in smart cities, smart communities, smart sites and smart medical industries.
As a well-known enterprise in the field of biometrics (face, fingerprint, iris, finger vein, palm print, etc.), Hanwang Zhiyuan will continue to uphold its unique innovative temperament and service concept and strive to develop and apply Chinese artificial intelligence technology. With a greater contribution, Hanwang Zhiyuan is willing to work with all partners to promote the rapid development of China's artificial intelligence industry.

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