Fire doors are the most common door in public places and have good fire resistance. What is the fire door installation specification ? Next we will take a look at the relevant introduction of the fire door installation specification .

Fire door installation specification fire door construction method

A. The indoor and outdoor door frames shall be installed according to the position and elevation of the drawings. To ensure the firmness of the installation, the pre-embedded wooden bricks shall be inspected in advance.

B. The installation of the wooden door frame should be completed before the ground works and the wall plastering construction.

C, the installation of wooden doors: first determine the door opening direction and hardware model, installation location, open the door cutting position and opening direction (usually the right fan cover the fan). Check whether the doorway size is correct; whether the corners are square, with or without corners, check the height of the doorway should be two vertical edges of the door, check the width of the doorway should be measured at the upper, middle and lower three points of the doorway, and set the point in the corresponding part of the fan Dashing.

Put the door leaf against the frame and draw the corresponding dimension line. If the fan is large, the large part should be shaved according to the size of the box. If the fan is small, the wood strips should be tied and the wood strips should be tied on the side of the hinge. After glueing and nailing with a nail, the nail cap must be flattened, and the wood grain is fed into the frame 1-2mm. After the hinge slot is cut, the upper and lower hinges are installed. When installing the split fan, the width of the door leaf should be measured with a good ruler, and then the cut depth of the middle-to-neck seam should be determined. The hardware installation shall meet the requirements of the design drawings and shall not be missed. Generally, the height of the door locks and pull handles shall be 95-100cm.

Fire door installation specification standing tools

Impact hammer, socket wrench, level ruler, wire hanger, tape measure, hammer, screwdriver, shovel, steel chisel, cutting machine, hacksaw, etc. Use a 10-12mm diameter expansion plug.

Fire Door Installation Specification Installation Procedure

1, first measure the size of the opening, according to the corridor to determine the opening direction. The size of the door opening should be larger than the size of the door to be installed, and there should be a certain clearance (about 1.5-3cm) to facilitate adjustment during installation.

2. Correct the door hole. If the size of the door hole does not meet the requirements, use tools such as shovels, steel chisels, and cutting machines to cut and trim to meet the installation requirements.

3. When installing, put the door into the door hole, plug it tightly with wooden plug, correct the level and verticality, and check whether it is flexible. Then open the door, use the electric hammer to drill the installation hole through the hole in the frame, and fasten them one by one with the expansion bolt. it is good.

4. Installation method of expansion bolt: Place the opening of the door straight and put it straight so that the decorative edge of the door is tight with the wall. After marking the six φ14.5 holes on the side of the frame, move the door frame out of the hole and drill with a φ14.5 bit. Hole, push the door into the hole, insert the M10 steel expansion bolt, tighten the nut with a socket wrench.

5. Fill cement method: Before filling the cement, padded the paper between the door frame and the two sides of the door leaf, and close the door to fill it. When filling cement, do not squeeze too much, so as to avoid deformation of the door frame, affect the opening. After filling the cement for 6 hours, the paper pad was removed, the door was opened, and the cement in the keyhole of the door frame was cleaned.

Regarding the fire door installation specification , I will introduce it here, I hope to help you, more decoration information, do this site, so stay tuned.

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